This is a video for you to play while reading this post. ^^

It’s a new song by Perfume, for the latest Doraemon movie. The music TV is suuuuper cute , and of course produced by my music God Nakata Yasutaka T_T


On my last free day in Tokyo, RinRin and i had a Doraemon date at Kawasaki.

It is actually called Fujiko·F·Fujio Museum , since it’s a museum about the author and all his work. But it is known to everybody as the Doraemon Museum, because that’s the character me and many other people have grown up with! 😀

It was a beautiful beautiful day :3

Kawasaki is not in Tokyo, but it also isn’t that far! It’s just about 20-30 minutes away from Tokyo station. And then it’s about a 10 minutes walk from the train station, but the walk is so worth it, espeically during sakura season.


Or you can always take a Doraemon bus



This Fujiko museum is not a theme park, so if you are looking for super cute mascots/fun rides, intriguing mazes, there isn’t any.

But if you indeed are a fan of Fujiko F Fujio (藤子不二雄) and his work, this is more than just that.

It was just like when i visited Ghibli Museum, i was so touched i teared at everything inside the museum because i love Ghibli animations so much i watched all of them over and over again since i was a little kid.

There aren’t pictures i took because no photography was allowed inside the museum, but here are some we took outside! :3

Doraemon feeling stoned.


Doraemon Bell choker!!

Coincidentally it was a Happy Meal gift by McD in Japan and RinRin bought this prior to the visit lol

It’s not sold in the museum, but you can buy a Takekoputa head gear there lol

Doraemon girls


T.P Bon


Ang Ang Ang… Totemo Daisuki…. 


Dokodemo Doa!!!

When i was reading all the Doraemon manga when i was young it was in mandarin, so i have always known all the names as 小叮当,小叮铃,竹蜻蜓,随意门。。。。

And then when i started watching the anime, it was all in Malay lol. SO the Japanese version was actually a little strange to me.




Ticket to the theatre to watch an exclusive short film.

On the toilet lolol

Girl’s toilet

Waiting for our turn to get into the restaurant.

It’s a weekday and it was quite full! If you want to visit the museum, make sure you book at least a week away to secure an earlier time! It was quite last minute for us and we only managed to get the 4pm slot, and the museum closes 6pm.

We had to plan everything in panic, line up to get a number into the restaurant, finish the museum in a rush, catch the short film on time, and some spare time for pictures outside, then i rush to the giftshop before it closes while RinRin to line up for restaurant lolol.

Advice: go early!

But the cafe is not to be missed!

Dorami ice chocolate <3333

One of the cutest coffee arts ever!


I was also quite obsessed with not ruining Dorami so i drank from her bell lolol


Doraemon’s favorite dorayaki

Ramen set!!

At first i thought this was Suneo Honekawa (the cunning skinny guy from from Doraemon), but somebody corrected me and said this is Koike san and she was right! Although they look quite alike

Doraemon plate





There are also many other themed dishes, but we only had two tummies although we’d really like to try everything!

Check out their website for other menu!


Then at the gift shop!

This was my FAV!!!

This is the Memory Bread! I always wish i had this when i was young lol


Bought our souvenir


Dorami cookie

There is also a Doraemon purikura booth!



Candies i bought


Ok that’s all!


Was very very glad i visited the Fujiko Museum. Brought back all the happy memories ^^

Remember to pre-purchase your ticket at Lawson, and it’s 1000 yen for each ticket!