Here are some of my EMODA coordinates in the month of April!



Coordinate 1

It was still very cold then!

Monotone coordinate: Style Fake Real Life top, art-leopard print leggings, in-sole sneakers and white backpack all from EMODA



Coordinate 2

Pink iPhone case from EMODA


Bijou collar top, blue knit cardigan and matching knit shorts, polka dot leggings, all from EMODA


Coordinate 3

Mint toy earrings from EMODA

Bijou top and Mint Faux Leather Skirt from EMODA. Super in love with mint color these days!

Also you probably noticed that i keep wearing the same shoes lol that’s because it’s really super ultra comfy for its (hidden) height!

It’s available on EMODA Global Webstore. Grab them before it is sold out and you regret forever, like the Mary Jane Wedges you all liked earlier lol.


Coordinate 4


(Yea, THAT pair of shoes lol)

I have already blogged about this in last last month’s entry but here it is!

Art Lady  cropped top and the skirt , clear necklace also from EMODA.



In Malaysia

Coordinate 5

Leather hair band, bijou collar top, jeggings and white wedges all from EMODA


Coordinate 6

Clear necklace from EMODA


Floral set-up (top and bottom) from EMODA

I’m also forever using the white backpack lol. I think i’ve been using it for more than a year! It’s really one of the most heavy-rotated item from EMODA ever.


Coordinate 7

Stripped pants.

This stripped pants.

It’s one of the best selling in EMODA stores in Japan right now omg. I saw this in Nori-chan’s Instagram and i wanted it very badly!

Shibuya 109 EMODA staff. The leggggggggssssss

Model Sunwei also loves it. THE LEGS!

EMODA’s jeggings are the best they make your leg soooooo long and slim <3


Coordinate 8

White dress from EMODA.

This one is girly! Quite a rare variation from EMODA.


Also!! My latest order from EMODA Global Webstore has just arrived 😀 😀 😀

Art Leopard silicone iPhone case

Fabric hair band in Mint Green (It’s wired so you can make usamimi! :D)

Open-back knit top in Mint Green

And the super popular Peplum Jeggings in Blue

This one was also sold out when i was in Tokyo, but so so happy that Global Webstore still has it!



 Other update: 

Went to EMODA’s press room for a casual visit too.

Their summer trend is Resort Feel. So it’s very casual and laid back, relaxing kind of outfit.

Great for beach holiday!


Also i was invited to be interviewed about the upcoming summer trends on this new Otona gyaru magazine called Majesty Japan, and this was what i wore!

Whole outfit from EMODA! These item are not even officially released yet but they loan me just for the photoshoot.

Thank you so much EMODA!!!


Also, every time  i meet Ena she will have some good news! (The previous time was the launch of EMODA cosmetics). Will share it in my next entry! 😀

For now, go shop your heart out at


Some new arrivals


And don’t forget to check out their FB for new updates! In English!!! :D




See you next time!