This is a #backinJapan post!

Rinrin and i joined Number76 Omotesando’s hanami (sakura viewing) at this park near Ghibli Studio during (almost finishing) sakura season. It was one of the last few good days before the crazy storm came and blew away all the sakura.


Lake, swan boats and sakura

Fallen petals…

The entire ground in the park was covered by fallen sakura it was like a giant pink carpet.



Our picnic spot!!


Gomi san! She always does my hair when i go to Number76 in Japan! ^^


Snatched a good spot

Sakura Miku bun i grabbed on the way to the park!



Other food we have! (Pizzas, Yakitori, beeeeeeeer)






Extra pizza topping!!! 😀

By the way sakura was falling crazy like it’s snowing pink from the sky. Was quite an amazingly pretty sight, although quite cold still.

Gomi san, RinRin and i made this!


Bubble time!!



Bubbles bubbles




Tsubaki chan! She came to Malaysia to intern at Number76 for 3 months and she has the best working attitude ever. Love her so much!


And then after not even that many drinks, one of the stylists Yoshio decided to just pass out on the spot lololol.

We started doing face deco on him


And foot art HAHHAHAHHA


When it’s time to leave we woke him up and he puked on everybody’s shoes LOLOL. (I am laughing because i’m not the ones who kena 😛 .)


And then dunno how suddenly everyone just went crazy wtf.

They say Japanese go crazy in April because work is so stressful when they finally get to relax they become mental lol.

A bunch of uni students decided to join the madness

Drunk hero

Anyway just when we were about to leave the said drunk hero also lost his iphone which he just bought -______-

We didn’t think it could be stolen, (although it could happen) so we came to the conclusion that it was thrown away together with all the rest of the rubbish. We just rolled the entire blue floor mat and chuck everything in the giant bin.

And since the drunk hero is too drunk to do anything, somebody else volunteer to be the scavenger wtf.

I think this person is really really really 伟大!!!

If i’m 100% sure that my iPhone is in there, i’m not even sure if i could do that wtf. Mind you the whole mat is full of fresh puke T___T

Anyway he couldn’t find the phone after all so we left quite disappointed.

The senior’s hanami is so different hahahha.

So Yoshio thought he lost his phone, but the next day he found it, because apparently somebody picked it up and took it to the nearest police station at the park.

So this world still got hope. Hahahha.

Ok end!