Never realized i have completely taken it for granted until this point of my life.

The haze affected me a lot (all of you who didn’t know, after Singapore, now Kuala Lumpur is also engulfed by smoke coming from Sumatran fires) , i don’t feel well generally (headache, dry throat and itchy eyes), but i think i suffer worse emotionally.

When the whole city looks apocalyptic, I keep having this paranoia that no matter how much i stay indoor, how many layers of masks i put on or how strong i set my air purifier on, i am still breathing the same horrible air coming from outside.

Sleep also wear mask.

Yesterday in Muar the API reading was 746?????? YOU ALL MAY AS WELL LIVE IN AN URN.

I never felt so depressed in a long time.

It’s not even time to feel angry or blame anyone anymore. All i am thinking all day long, is man i just want some fresh air now. Please, please pelase please please pelase. And all day long i refused to even go out to buy food. I just wanted to sit and hug my Plasmacluster machines.

I sealed my house, shut my curtains, i don’t want to look outside at the appalling infinity shades of grey and feel sorry for myself.

Imagine there’s really nothing you could do about it!! There’s no where to escape unless you jump on a plane. If it doesn’t go away until August, like the news say, i think i will really become suicidal.

I feel so bad for old people, for babies, for people who are sick, especially with asthma. Even i as a healthy adult feel so miserable, it pains me to imagine how these people feel.

I have all these poisonous thoughts that clouded my mind, thinking if this is one step closer towards the end of the world, and that this world is indeed major fucked, there’s not a single place i could think of on this earth that is not potentially plagued by some disastrous events, and that our future offsprings will only suffer more with more pollutions to come.

And then i also have crazy images playing in my mind, of us stocking up oxygen tanks at home, and i wonder how long each tank lasts, maybe not enough to last a journey to the airport and fly for our lives…

omg stop. STOP.

So all of you who are somewhere far far away from me, take a deep breath of the clean air you are privileged to have now, and thank the universe for giving you breathable air now.

Last time when i do The Secret thank you prayer (i sort of stopped it hahahah) i always forgot to thank the air. I’m very sorry, air. I will put you in the list now.


Let’s hope strong wind blow all haze to somewhere no human exists!!!

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I have many other things to blog so please come back soon!!