Haven’t been posting coordinate pictures in a long time, here it is!

Most of the outfits here are sponsored and i didn’t even pick most of them (was sent to me by fashion shop owner’s choice) so sometimes it is actually very very challenging to put on something i’m totally not familiar with trying to make it look good. And most blogshop clothes comes only in ONE size, so i’ll have to belt them, layer them, fold them… etc.

But it’s quite fun la since i get to try out many styles and in the end decide on what suits me the best.

So instead of the real real coordinates, this is sort of like the behind-the-scene bloopers. To be completely honest, there are actually coordinates i myself don’t even like. See if you can guess which ones!


Coordinate 1

Had quite a hard time thinking of how to match that dress, it reminded me of the super 淑女 look i saw in Korean dramas looooong loooong time ago lol.

Point: To 淑女-fy it even more i used pearls: earrings, belts and pearl studded heels (actually my wedding shoes).


Coordinate 2


I sort of stopped wearing one-piece, for whatever reasons.

Point: Belt for an otherwise quite plain dress.


Coordinate 3

Mixing pastel with matching dark hues was…

Point: Have to have good hair.


Coordinate 4

Theres actually nothing much you can do with peplum tops.

Point: Stud deco on an otherwise boring pair of pants.


Coordinate 5

Bought the top from Harajuku because there are macarons on it wtf. Was trying for a more Amo kind of style but then i realized i had absolutely no shoes to go with it so i was struggling between going bare feet or wearing something that looks like i’m bare-footed.

Point: Layer the skirt with tutu for puffiness. And also totally refuse to iron your clothes so you can pretend the creases are intentional.


Coordinate 6

A country-rock effort. Never tried this before. The closest i had was a Liz Lisa Cow Girl. Surprisingly got good reviews about this.

Point: Minimal leather mix. (Real/Faux.)


Coordinate 7

After this picture on Instagram, i got a comment from Mario asking for his Tortoise shells back.

Point: Anyhow accessorize whatever for that you-think-i-care look. (Actually i did.)


Coordinate 8

The only way i could wear this dress without looking like i i just walked out from the morgue was to wear a lot of other things at the same time. So at least the morgue i walked out from was a cool one. But while we’re at it, why limit the morbidness.

Point: Graveyard filter.


Coordinate 9

So yesterday Namie Amuro coordinate.

Point:totally inappropriately-length boots. Enamel is compulsory.


Coordinate 10

All black (dress code for some party.)

Point: Actually really all black.


Coordinate 11

I’m a present. with FOC Teddy Bear.

Point: Ghingham with denim.


Coordinate 12


I-dunno-what’s-wrong-with-my-hair-but-i-have-special-effects. And hug me.

Point: Digital hair accessories if hair is not already crazy enough.


Coordinate 13

Baby-unfriendly-closet. (Xiaxue say wan)

Point: Studded shoulder, perfect during outings when you want to avoid carrying your friend’s babies.


And Autumn make!




FINAL DAY until the announcement of Olympics 2020 host city!!!!!

If you even care, it is now down to Madrid, Istanbul and Tokyo. Dammit i love all cities (Istanbul really really outdid my expectation with its niceness, and never been to Madrid but i’d really love to!)

But of course you know which country I will wear on my ears.

Did my nails too. For support.

Although it’s not until 7 years later. But it would be so nice if i can bring my future kids to Tokyo stadium and watch some sports together. Family outing and all that.


Ok la. Which coordinate do you like best and why?