This blog post is written for the fashion lovers and Tokyo travel beginners! Make sure you bookmark this page 😛

There’s an article on Tokyo Cawaii cultures by mina magazine Malaysia. If you know Chinese you can hop over to their website for more info, and if you can’t read Chinese, here’s a brief summary by me in English!


The travel theme is of course fashion!

If you are wondering, yes if you come to Tokyo, most of the girls look exactly like that. Kawaii Level: Japanese.



One of the best news for Malaysians (and Thai) this year from Japan is that we no longer need to go through the nerve wrecking procedure to obtain a visa before you can step foot in Japan! As long as your passport is microchipped, you are free to enter Japan any time and stay for less than 3 months.



Here i’m going to recommend a few places i frequent the most for fashion and cute shopping.



1. Shibuya 109

You won’t go wrong with this!

My compulsory stop is EMODA shop in 109.

There are also other famous fashion brands like Liz Lisa, Egoist, Rienda, LDS, GYDA, Sly, One Spo, Dazzlin, Cecil McBee, and awesome shoe stores like Rose Essence and Esperanza at B1, etc etc etc!



2. Takeshita

Takeshita street in Harajuku is one of the most crowded places ever, even though it is super touristy, you can find cheap buys and really cute stuff over here!

Check out the tourists and the Dress-Uppers! You find lots of foreigner Lolitas here too, i just looove how passionate these people are, and it’s really a place where people dress up and check each other out!

Lately yet another kawaii shop opened in Harajuku called Cute Cube! I was there with RinRin just yesterday! It has candy shops, cute fashion and accessories, etc.

There’s a Sanrio shop in the building too for the Kitty maniacs.


3. Harajuku Street/ Cat Street

Just a little off Takeshita street, there’s the Harajuku Street/ Cat Street. It is less touristy but you get to find the best hidden gems, including used clothes, cool shoes and cute accessories.

There are also many Harajuku street fashion including Putumayo, Nadia, X-Closet, Candy Stripper, and my fav lilLilly!

Also a Barbie store!!! <3


4. Laforet Harajuku

Is one of the most popular shopping place in Harajuku!

You can find fashion brands like Deicy, Snidel, Jouetie, and some Lolita fashion brands at the basement.

Laduree (yes, the French macaron brand!) has their exclusive make up line only in Tokyo! You can find one of the stores in Laforet. Believe it or not this is a face powder/blusher. I know right!!!



Omotesando is probably my favorite place in the entire Tokyo! (Also because it is connected to Harajuku, by a few minutes walk!)

It is in my opinion the most oshare (fashionable) place where you can dress up and go to a fancy cafe, do your nails and get pretty.

The shops here are slightly more atas (classy), yet not as intimidating as Ginza, you have Chanel, Vuitton, Comme Des Garcons, Margiela, etc etc!

Our first time to Bvlgari Cafe! Obviously it’s a splurge but you have to reward yourself once in awhile! 😀


Along the street there are also some of the longest queues ever. This restaurant called “Eggs Things” has a line that goes on forever, 365 days a year. Only if you have LOTS of time to spare, do check it out! So far i haven’t had the luxury to wait in line for hours. T__T


Omotesando is of course also famous for its hundreds and hundreds of beauty salons scattering all around.

The one i go to is none other than NALU hair salon, a tourist-friendly, English-OK hair salon in Tokyo!


Omotesando Hills (shopping gallery) has one of the best illuminations during Xmas too!




I have only listed three areas today, not to mention there’s Roppongi, Shinjuku, Aoyama, etc etc!!!

But these are Cheesie’s fav, so hope it can be a somewhat useful reference for all you first-timers! 😀


If you want to discover more about Tokyo, you can go to:

Japan Tourism did such a great job capturing some of the most alluring attractions of Tokyo, not only just fashion/food/beauty/sceneries, but also the kimochi (from feelings, mind, spirit to heart) of Japanese people. I love all the videos and really recommend you to check them out!

My favorite videos are on this page.


Coming back to Tokyo Cawaii, there are more details that is not in this blog post.

So now, how about an exclusive shopping trip at Tokyo together with mina team Malaysia? 😀


Price: RM3950 (so cheap!!!!!)

Travel period: 8-12th DECEMBER 2013

Anyone can join this trip, first come first served basis! The focus of the trip will be on  shopping around Harajuku, Shibuya and also even some fashion events!



For more info, call mina Office number: 0390578822

If you are Thai, there’s a Thai version too! Hope to see you guys one day in Tokyo!!!


Go visit: