Aud and i are both Hello Kitty fan (although i’m the more closet one), so when McD launched their Kitty collection obviously we wanted to go get it.

But we assumed that most of the places would have sold out by now so we drove to the furthest mall we could think of to get it.

And we did!


That week was the Frog Prince Kitty week. Aud said it’s the ugliest of all collection but i love it cuz i like lime green lol.

And our lunch.

After that she went shopping at all the maternity/baby shops, never thought one day we would walked into shops like that lol.


We had some spare time, and there was a Kia car show and before we knew it we were convinced to go test drive a brand new Picanto.

Turns out it is also Frog Prince green!

I don’t always have good records when it comes to driving, and Aud didn’t have a license, so ended up i was in the driver’s seat. She had no idea what she has gotten herself into.

The guy behind is the Kia sales man lol. I think he was quite appalled that we were doing selfies while driving  and probably  also regretting asking us for test drive.

Also you should ignore my  random sticker stamps on the pictures haha.

So off we went!!!

I turned on the wipers like at least 10 times when i wanted to turn left/right and half way we were like, actually this car’s pick up is quite bad huh then i realized i had not put the handbreak back down (the car is fine. In fact it’s awesome.), and Aud was like laughing the whole time and was all “i’m gonna record all this on video” and the Kia sales guys was just silent the whole time.

“Are you worried?” i asked.

“Errr… no…”, he hesitated.

He obviously was. :X


Thisis Aud trying to take pic of me doing all the wrong things lol.

But ok la it was a fun ride!