So we finally moved in to our new place!

As soon as we came back from Japan there were a million things to take care of, i was occupied to a new level i never thought i was possible to reach, especially 8 months pregnant.

And actually lost weight for moving around so much.


Our entire life in cartons.


So after one week of crazy packing we finally made the big move. There isn’t even much furniture cuz we were in such a hurry to move in first.

I was also totally oblivious to the whole Chinese Pantang thing (until someone reminded me about it and i was like oh yea hor), where you cannot move house when you are pregnant. Wait, not just cannot move house, but if i remember correctly you are not allowed to move any furniture or even decorate your bedroom wall or something like that. Every time i told the danna about all these Chinese superstitions he will just look at me like this


There is practically no taboos i haven’t broken yet, honestly. During these 8 months i have seen through and helped construction of a shop, did major renovations, move house (no, no select auspicious date and hire lion dance), went to a funeral, drink shit loads of soya bean (yesterday a confinement aunty just warned me not to drink soy bean because it will be bad for my son’s balls. Serious.) etc etc etc etc etc. So i hope i don’t end up giving birth to a small bear wtf. If all the pantang/taboos are true.

Which one of those did you new mamas follow or break?


To save money the danna DIY most of the things. Our shoe rack made from scratch. I wonder what other hidden talent he hasn’t told me about!! (Also i swear he has more shoes than me.)


I am of course in charged of the wardrobe. Haven’t even got a mirror for #ootd T__T

Oh worth mentioning is this rice cooker we bought from Japan. BEST SHOPPING EVER.

This is our happiness every day.

Also don’t have curtains yet lolol. But woke up 7am in the morning and saw sunrise. Feeling very blissful!


Anyway i’ll update again when we really properly settle down (probably neverrrrrrrr oh my god time to create a baby space and oh my god i totally forgot we are having a new human sooooon). And my brain is not really functioning properly recently.

This is where i found my phone this morning after searching for it for half an hour.