Photo post on Tokyo.

Excuse the title because i really don’t know what else to put.

Girly date was a date with the girl friends and romantic date is with the danna (what do you call dates with your husband??) but there’s zero romantic element in it unless you considered slut bars romantic wtf.

Also we only passed by didn’t go in lah! Hahhaha


This was March 2014!

Girly date coordinate. But right after this pic i decided that my 7-month pregnant belly is too gross in that body hugging polka dot skirt so i changed it XD.



The girls are Ashley, Vivian and RinRin! Went to 76cafe for dinner!

Four of us with yummy food.

Then hopped over to TGC After Party.

Ashley ♡

And then went to RinRin’s fashion show at Laforet Harajuku!

Along Omotesando street hahaha. Yes in Tokyo people really wear liddat go out wan!

The season’s collect is mad wicked! The theme is something about this dark, angry suicidal girl.

Here are some of the pieces:

Signature motif in indignance. Everything is angst lol.

And then she set fire on her lol.


One more.

Met a girl who is also preggy!!

5-month bump & 7-month bump!


Went for dessert after the party!

Looking exactly like photo on menu, Japan is doing it right. XD




Next day! It was dann’s off day so we went on a rare date!

Not-Romantic-Date coordinate!

Cherry earrings ♡

Braided hair with soft curls.

Breakfast was Ichigo from Shizuoka! “Benihoppe”.

I was really really obsessed with Japanese strawberries, and every couple of days i bought strawberries from different prefecture just to compare! My favorite was still Amao from Hakata, Fukuoka, which is ranked no.1 in Japan. Also one of the most expensive la haha value for money indeed.

Then brunch with the danna at this newly scouted Gyoza place!!

So good the two of us could eat the whole plate!!! (Two of us means the unborn baby and i, not me and danna hahahaha)


Then we went Meidi-Ya for grocery shopping! (30KG to bring back to Malaysia). Raid all the Japanese rice and sakura snacks and milk and everything else that could fit into our luggage.

Some interesting things we saw:

Wa so tempted to buy this and make my food look extra yummy!


Edible rose!!!!


Edible sakura! On the left is sakura-flavored salt, and in the jar is sakura pickles.

Also went to a nearby pet shop to buy Champon’s toy.


And then also bought Joy, a godly dish washerThis time comes with Rose scent AND moisture care! God level up!!

In the evening we went to Roppongi for dinner and movie!

Went to a quite fancy sushi restaurant!

Natto temaki.

Fancy mancy sushi like Foie gras sushi!

1. Aburi 3-types

2. Avocado

3. Baby scallop

4. Maguro

5. Kanimiso (crab roe)

6. Takenoko (Bamboo shoot)

7. Fugu tempura

8. Chutoro

9. Ikura

Which is your fav?


Lastly, at night we went for a movie date.

And shared a large salted butter + caramel pop corn.

That’s about the most romantic thing we did on that date.