For the first time it is actually a compliment. It is true, the tagline for their latest cordless vacuum is “Sucks up as much dust as even a corded vacuum”.

So i never thought i would be blogging about a vacuum.

That’s right, just got myself a Dyson Digital Slim DC62, a cordless vacuum cleaner. Before that, i was already a fan of Dyson vacuum cleaners. There simply aren’t any other choice. Because it is unarguably the best.

I bought a Dyson DC48 when we moved to our new house.

It cost us a fortune but it was so worth it. It is no doubt one of the best investment we have for our house.

Mainly because of this:

The moment we brought Champon home, we were ready to deal with this for the next decade.


I have sinus problem, the tiniest amount of dust can set off a crazy tsunami of nose-blowing T__T. And then we have a small baby. Whose Champon always loves to lie next to.

Naturally our carpets, Junya’s play mats, clothes etc etc are all stuck with Champon’s fur. It is not so much the pet allergy (as many people are concerned) that bothers me but it just looks very unhygienic with everything coated in fur.

And i used to do this:

Every. Single. Day. The sofa alone takes 10 minutes and can use off half a big roll!




And so Dyson DC62 was a godsend.

It may seem redundant to have two vacuum cleaners in the house, but this cordless one really, REALLY makes a whole world of difference!!! It is the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner in the market right now, with its digital motor V6 and 2 Tier Radial cyclones (don’t know all the technical terms, i just needs it to do its job).

I’m sure you all understand how much work it is to drag a heavy machine all over the house, bending down plugging and unplugging. Sometimes i get so lazy i would pretend not to see the dust lolol.




Champon shredded a magazine? No problem!! Sucking it all up right away!!

This is how small it is!!! And so so light–perfect as a handheld!

And comes with a complete set of tools for various purposes.

The picture above this is using a Mini Motorized Tool for sofa/upholstery cleaning.


There’s the standard carbon fiber floor tool. (Although for floor i usually will use my DC48 for heavy cleaning, and DC62 only for spot cleaning.)

Then there’s another tool with soft brush for surface cleaning, PC, desks, and surface with stuff you don’t want to damage.


And then there’s another flat tool that’s perfect for bed/sheet cleaning. Perfect for Junya’s cot.

And the useful long reach wand for clean your ceiling/fan. No more climbing up and down a ladder! 😀


Such a time-saver! 😀

If you ask me, i’d say it is a necessity in every home if you like the idea of a comfortable, spot-free house.


Find out more at Dyson: