Other than dannaben we do cook lunch & dinner at most most of the days now!

Here are some of the Cheat One™ meals in our house.

Meal 1

Vegetable cream stew (broccoli, shimeji mushroom, carrot and brussel sprouts with bacon),  Japanese pear and Yakult!


Meal 2

Yong tau fu. This is one of my favorite because it’s easy and can batch make a lot to keep for several meals. And also very low carb!


Meal 3

Quick pasta lunch.


Meal 4

Don’t know if you can even imagined this, but it’s a Danna Recipe! It’s called Tomato and Avocado Sashimi. Basically it is what it is: raw diced tomato and raw diced avocado (sashimi) with wasabi and soy sauce. It probably sounds very strange but it’s surprisingly very good! The avocado is rich, creamy akin that of fatty maguro or toro!! We also had a version with added tuna flakes. 😀


Meal 5

Dashimaki, shishitou with bonito flakes and tonjiru.

Dashimaki is a little different from Tamagoyaki, instead of salt it has added dashi (soup stock) in it so it’s fluffier and also a volume-up!

Tonjiru is our house’s current staple XD. It’s pork with lots of different kinds of root vegetables. There’s gobo (burdock), daikon (radish), taro (yam), konnyaku (konjac food), carrot and spring onions and of course pork slices.


Meal 6

Hamburg with demiglace sauce and a sunny side up.


Meal 7

Danna requested for Shougayaki because we always had the best Shougayaki in 76Cafe Omotesando <3 Also incredibly easy to make, this one!


Meal 8

First time trying Tenshin Don and gyoza. Chinese style omu-rice XD.


Meal 9

This one is danna-make! Okonomiyaki! I usually don’t like Kansai-style food, especially the sweet sauce (okomiyaki/kushiage/yakisoba etc), so the danna also made a sauce-less Negi-yaki.

Very yummy!!!


Meal 10

And last night the danna cooked Champon… for supper.

The real Nagasaki Champon lolol.


Meal 11

And during lazy times, mentaiko with rice always works!!!









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