Can Casio get any more genius?

By now if you haven’t owned any Casio camera, you are probably either very outdated or very hipster (refuse to get cuz everybody has one lol), because most people around me have at least one from Casio Exilim series!

So yea, i have been taking all my photos with my brand new Casio Exilim TR50 (the champagne color one you always see in my coordinate shots), which is no-doubt super awesome. There’s only a catch. Not everybody can afford a selfie mirror that costs more than RM3000.

Which is why, Casio now comes and makes everybody’s wishes come true.

(Note: ALL the pictures in this post are 100% unedited)

Introducing the “Kawaii Mirror Selfie” camera, MR1 by Casio Exilim.


What is a “Mirror Selfie”?

(Taken by my TR50)

From the look of it, you will never have guessed that it is a camera. First of all, it is so adorably tiny and cute. Secondly, it is available in the lovliest shades of pastels!

White, baby pink and mint green.


Thirdly, where… is the lens?!

Well, the lens is cleverly hidden inside the camera’s mirror-finished front body, where you can check your refection while taking a picture. So it looks just like a pocket mirror, except with a screen and some buttons at the back.

Basically, it is a brand new style of selfie: checking yourself out in the mirror AND take a picture at the same time!

(Taken by MR1)

This is a “Selfieception” lol. Taking a picture against a mirror while checking self out in the camera mirror.


However, there’s something different about this mirror. It’s not just a usual mirror, but a Wide-Angle Mirror.

The lens is exactly the same as the TR series, which is 21mm. So to reflect exactly what would be capture on the photo, the mirror is made this way too.

(Taken by my TR50. I was holding two cameras in this picture lol)

This is how it looks from the screen, and it is also exactly how you look in the mirror.

(Taken by MR1)

Like this!


Just like TR, MR1 also has the much loved Make-Up Mode!

There are two modes, namely “Skin Tone” (0-6) and “Smooth Skin” (0-12) setting. You can use “Skin Tone” for fairer skin and “Smooth Skin” for lustrous, perfect complexion.

1st Try

This is Original at 0 for both settings. Wa i haven’t seen myself so tanned for a long time since i’m now forever using beauty mode XD


2nd Try

Now let’s adjust both modes to medium setting, which is +3 for Skin Tone and +6 for Smooth Skin

Instantly fairer and smoother!


3rd Try

Now at the highest setting, Skin Tone at +6 and “Smooth Skin” at +12.



Ok it’s a bit too over for me, medium seems to be the most natural!



Of course other than selfies, MR1 is also perfect for wefies!

Wide angle lens and the mirror allow you to capture perfect group shots!

And you can use it as your daily camera to capture just anything at all…

JunJun just as cute ^^ (This picture is taken without beauty mode. Damn i wanna be a baby too.)



Also, MR1 comes with Auto Image Rotation, so you don’t have to tilt sideways anymore when viewing your pictures. Even when taking a horizontal/vertical shot, you can smoothly photograph and view a captured image.

Holding horizontally.

Holding vertically.





While many affordable cameras don’t come with WiFi function, which is a MUST for bloggers and social media lovers these days, MR1 does.

You can download the app “Exilim Link”, and transfer the photos straight to your smartphone!



And lastly, the most important point… the price??


Really??? That’s like 1/3 the price of a TR!

There are actually more features from MR1, i will share it in my next post!

Meanwhile, do check out Casio’s website for more info!