Here are some of my recent OOTDs!

Lately there are a lot of obsessions that define my styles for the past few months. The danna influenced me so much that sometimes half his wardrobe became mine lololol. Here are some of my heavy-rotation fashion must-haves!


1. Sneakers

Coordinate 1

The only thing i keep buying and buying is sneakers. I used to own zero pair. My shoe cabinet was full of five and a half inch heels that i couldn’t even wear for more than 10 seconds. I used to feel inferior about my height (i am 158cm) so i would never be seen dead in a pair of flats. I didn’t like to be the short one in photos. T_T. I was like that even during my late pregnancy,

But now i couldn’t even remember how it is like to wear a pair of heels. Honestly. I couldn’t understand why i put up with this nonsense called high heels for the past decade. And i loooooooove my sneakers now. LOVE.

This particular pair is a gift from BAPE Sg! It’s a special edition Adidas X BAPE X Undefeated. Awesomeness explosion on my feet.


Coordinate 2

The first pair of sneakers the danna bought me as a present. To lure me into his dark side.


2. Overalls

Coordinate 3

Overalls are the most awesome things ever. Why don’t people wear them more often??? Apart from being perfect for gardening (true story. That’s what i wore to plant cacti), its millions pockets are also a great convenience. I love to put my phone, camera, parking ticket, some loose change, a can of coke, portable chargers, Junya’s puke cloth in the front pocket. Oh and also a couple of live doves. Just in case i need to impress people, you know.

This particular piece is from Ray Beams.


Coordinate 4

Another good thing about overalls is that even one strap is broken, it is still wearable.

There’s a catch though. Don’t wear it if you breastfeed. There was once i tried nursing my son in an overall. An oversized one. When he was done i stood up, forgetting to pull the suspenders back up on the shoulders. Oops.


3. Bucket Hats

Coordinate 5

It all started when i was looking for a real hat that could shield me from the sun. Since there’s so much thing called “umbrella” in Malaysia. The 500 berets i have serves zero function as a hat. So i bought a bucket hat. And then another one. And then…


Coordinate 6

Also i love to steal things from my other family members. The bag is stolen from Junya.


Coordinate 7

This one is unrelated. This is just me trying to communicate with the old me to get approval that i could still do something that she used to do. She didn’t reply.

That’s all for this time! 🙂