In a couple of hours i’ll be celebrating my 25th birthday for the 17th time!

Just kidding. Actually this is just my 9th birthday 5 years in a row.


I actually forgot about it until a girl friend asked me how am i celebrating tomorrow and i was like huh. She’s like, aren’t you going out with friends?? To somewhere?! At least?! I was like what friend.

Anyway, this is the first time in 3 years i am not celebrating my birthday in Japan. Under a sky of sakura trees. And then the danna has been so busy with work that every morning when he leaves the house he bends down and tells Junya, “Papa goes to work now, see you tomorrow.” lolol. And then he’s not the surprise-party planning nor lavish present fancy bouquet type of husband. And i have always been bad at the whole party thing. So this year there would be no party, no celebration, no family dinner, no presents, no husband even lolol. And no Japan T____T. By right this would be my worst birthday ever.

But this is just about to be the happiest birthday ever.

Why? I cannot explain.

Maybe because there is no longer an expectation. Maybe because i am going to spend it like any other happy days. Maybe because i have gotten older and a little wiser. Maybe because i love my life a lot better. And mostly maybe because i am just very very thankful. To be where i am now.

To have such a hardworking husband trying to make the best for his family, to still have a couple of friends who care, to have a healthy and happy son, to be able to do all the things i love doing, to be able to want less things and be satisfied with more things, and to be able to celebrate each day with gratitude.

Also, to have a family which makes me want to continue to be a better and better self.

Today i woke up to this.

And i thought to myself, with a sight like this every single day, who needs birthdays?




(Ok fine. Maybe Junya does. By then we would be in Japan already wooohoooooooo!)