The danna and i probably crave Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) the most when we are not in Japan. Once a while we would splurge on some atas BBQ restaurants but we can’t afford to do that every month. T__T. The last time we paid four figure for a meal for 4. It’s just too ridiculoussssss.

Sooooo where can you eat Yakiniku without having to fork out a week’s budget on a few slices of wagyu?


You can try out Tokyo Yakiniku at Pandan Indah, Cheras!

Tokyo Yakiniku is a family-run Japanese Charcoal BBQ restaurant established since 2004. Wow so it has been over 10 years! It is formerly known as Yakiniku Restaurant, if you are wondering that it looks familiar. I have been there before too before they renamed and also relocated to a more spacious two-storey building.

It’s more comfortable now with a spacious second floor.

There’s also a private room available for parties/events if you have a group of people!

This is our private room! I went with our family and our friends who are also Yakiniku lovers.

And when i said family, i meant Champon too XD

Yes!!! Tokyo Yakiniku is pet-friendly!!! 😀 😀 😀 We really are on a roll of bringing Champon to see the world (and sniff some meat) lolol. It’s so nice and rare to have restaurants that allow pets. I really appreciate the extra effort they are willing to make. Anyway, do make a reservation if you come with a pet so that they can serve you better!


And now let’s talk about foooood!

There are a whole group of us so we ordered quite a lot of food to share!

There menu is super affordable it really surprised me! I’ll list down the price so you’ll know how value for money they are.

First there’s the Kimchi Pork Soup (RM12.90). Slightly spicy and sour, it’s a perfect starter to whet your appetite. Anyway do note that this is not the full portion! This is a small individual bowl after they have split it into for 4-5 people. I love it like this! You get to taste more things and feel less guilty 😛


Tokyo Yakiniku is not just a BBQ style shop, it is like an izakaya. Other than a wide selection of meats, they have a full menu of soups, donburi (rice bowls), snacks and noodles. We also had Miso Ramen (RM14.80), which is quite good value with two pieces of fatty charshu and a generous topping of sweet corns, the Hokkaido style!


For those who can’t live without rice, there’s Chasu Fried Rice (RM9.90) that’s filling to the tummy.

For those who prefer something more flavorful, you may go for this instead! My share of Kimchi Fried Rice (RM11.90).

This is a must-have!! Probably the cheapest and yummiest!! Fried Chicken Skin for only RM4.90, it’s dangerously addictive. Fragrantly crispy, i could finish one whole plate by myself.

Next comes all the main items! All the BBQ meat is marinated with their home made Yakiniku sauce.

We ordered their popular menu, which are the Lamb Shoulder (RM9.90) and Pork Neck Meat (RM7.90).  I mean… can you believe the price??? And we are paying like 3 to 5 times more at other BBQ restaurants!

For the beef lovers, there’s the Karubi Beef (Australian) at RM34.80. I know, i know, it’s not something you can compare with Japanese wagyu, but the price is also incomparable. The good ones are like, what, RM180 for 100gm? XD

But if you do want to go for the real deal, they do have Kobe Beef, priced at RM160. Do check out their menu!

And actually…?

It tasted pretty good for the kind of pricing! With the right amount of fat and chewiness. Although the danna said it should all be credited to his grilling skill XD.

Champon was drooling the whole time lolol.

It’s really a family-friendly restaurant, all of us were having good time together <3

The kids finished their ramen so it’s serious adult Yakiniku time XD

Of course we couldn’t not have done without dessert! It was however so yummy i totally forgot to take pictures of them. This is half eaten Pineapple sorbet and Chocolate Sorbet. they also have Coconut, Mango and Pina Colada. Super yummy!!


Make a reservation with Tokyo Yakiniku now!

Address: 76G&A, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/6B, Taman Pandan Indah 55100 Kuala Lumpur.


If you have any special request, you can email:

And check out their social media
Facebook: Tokyo Yakiniku
Instragram: @tokyoyakiniku
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10% Discount for all of you till 30th June 2015, (not applicable for Set Lunch and BBQ Set), so go go go go now!!