Japanese fruits need no introduction. How can one not be attracted to those perfectly shaped strawberries that are absolutely flawless and so luxurious in size and mesmerizing in colors?

Other than their internationally-famous ichigo, do you know that Japan also produces world class peaches and grapes?


And Okayama, a prefecture in Chugoku, Japan, also dubbed the “Kingdom of Fruits”, is the birth place of some of the finest fruits in Japan including White Peach, since Okayama is already well known as the home town of Momotaro, the Japanese folktale that many of you have heard of.

And now Okayama is having a fruits fair in KL!

I was invited to sample Okayama’s dessert fair at Kurata Japanese Fine Dining restaurant at ParkRoyal Hotel. I am forever thankful to always be included in all these made-in-Japan awesomeness T____T.

KY and fiance (who requested me to Moon her) were on the same table!


And here’s the dessert menu:

Will come to that later. Get ready your handkerchief to wipe drools hahaha.

Before desserts were served, we had a glorious Japanese course dinner.

And then… the Okayama fruits were introduced. Save the best for last!!

Shine Muscat are seedless grapes that you can eat without peeling. It has a high sugar content of level 20 and a low acidity which gives the impression of a very sweet grape.

Other fruits available are the white peach and New Pione.

The white peaches are grown with extra care, each fruit is covered with a small bag to protect the delicate soft white skin to ripen it to perfection. How much love do all these farmers shower into their fruit babies? T__T

This is the assorted fruit plate which includes all 3 kinds of fruits.

Shine Muscat, White Peach and New Pione, upclose.

New Pione, also called the black pearl, is the dark-colored grape that is so so aromatic and rich in flavor that you feel like you are eating solid wine lol. That was my favorite among all.

Pione used to contain seeds, but the Okayama fruit producers have discovered the seedless technique and now the Pione are mostly seedless, and they call it the New Pione.

Peach and Tofu Parfait. Very mild and delicate in taste. If you are one of those who doesn’t like your dessert too sweet, this would be quite ideal.

White peach roll cake in vanilla sauce. So soft, soooo fluffy , with a mellow real fresh peach filling that spells luxury. T___T

Sesame shortbread with assorted fruit topping. I would love these as snacks while typing this blog post XD

Finally, macarons with real fruit fillings!

Look at the colors T___T. It’s my favorite soft pink and mint green combination!!!


More about Okayama fruits, you can visit this website for all the information on Okayama fruits.

If you are interested to try out some of the finest fruits in Japan, head to Kurata Japanese Restaurant in the month of August to enjoy the special Okayama fruit dessert menu, or if you prefer to savor it at the convenience of your own home, head over to ISETAN KLCC to choose your favorite Okayama sweet delicacy!