After coming back from Hawaii, i wanted to get a hair cut before going back to Malaysia.

NALU (Tokyo hair salon, English speaking and tourist friendly!), just above 76CAFE, will always be special because it was the birth place of Number76.

It has been around for 14 years now among all the other salons in the most competitive hairstyling territory in Tokyo – Omotesando/Harajuku. There are more than 200 hair salons in Harajuku itself. @.@

Here’s the menu! The price is actually just about the same (except cut) as Number76. Getting your hair done by the authentic locals in Japan is no longer an unaffordable luxury.

Did you know? NALU means wave in Hawaiian, and it translates to 76 in numbers (nana and roku). More on the history of Number76 here.

The interior! Unlike powerful GARDEN hair salon group in the previous blog post, NALU is a humble little salon just 2 minutes walk from Omotedando station.

You will be surprised that it’s even smaller than any of the existing Number76 salons in KL. But i love how walking into the salon feeling like going back home. NALU staff are like family. I love every one of them T___T.

Water dispenser also themed Hawaii hahaha.

This was me with JunJun in the morning wearing our matching sun tan Peanuts shirt from Moni. Totally in a Hawaiian mood XD

I wanted a quick trim and fringe cut!


When i posted this photo on IG someone commented that i’m super multitasking: getting my hair done, feeding JunJun and taking a selfie at the same time lolol.

My stylist of the day was Sunada san! She is a mom too with the cutest 2-year-old girl. (I posted the little girl’s picture before in this post)


Before and after quick trim and styling!

That’s Gomi san who loooooooves babies and kids.

She has been with NALU since the start, which is more than 10 years already!!! And she is really the most happy-go-lucky person i’ve ever known. One can never ever be angry or sad with her around.

Thank you NALU. ❤️



I love all the girls, it’s impossible to pick a favorite.

Gomi san is the smiliest girl ever and i adore Sunada san’s fashion style (and how her dresses her little girl), and she is my mama idol.

Yukali can speak basic English and she is really funny!

Dejima san used to work in KL before so he’s the best bet for Malaysian/foreign customers lol.

Iijima san specialty is perm and he’s an avid surfer! (He like waves… geddit? XD)

If you want a celebrity touch, Kitayama San is featured in this month’s Mart magazine!

He gave actress Nakamura Sayaka a bob cut!


Hair Salon NALU Omotesando

Address: If you are cabbing, just tell the taxi to input “4-9-2, Jingumae, Shibuya Ku“. If you are taking the metro, just go to Omotesando station and exit A2, turn right and walk 200 meters.

They have English speaking staff so tourists are welcome too!

To make booking, email:
Tue. ~ Fri. 10:00~22:00
Sat. 10:00~21:00
Sun. & Holiday 10:00~19:00
CLOSE : Monday