If you love all the Japanese beauty products, here’s another reason for you to shop at Rakuten Malaysia!

Here’s my introduction post on Rakuten Malaysia. Today, i will be reviewing a skin care product range in Japan and also a series of beauty tools!


Greenbell Paragon of Shining Girls

Whoa whoa whoa that looks daunting.

Apart from the nail clipper, how many of these beauty things you recognize?

None? Great. Let’s do some eye-opening exercises (figuratively).


Tongue Scraper

Why do you need a tongue scraper? Did you know? The major cause of bad breath lies in your tongue. Literally. The tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria in the mouth so if no amount of mouth wash can solve your bad breath problem, try this.

The usual tongue cleaner in the market has only one harsh side, but this comes with a soft brush tip so it doesn’t hurt!


Mimi Sukitto Earpick

Huh? Why can’t i use a cotton bud?

Yes you can, but you may notice that you won’t be able to completely remove some of the tiniest dirt? And you can’t really shake it out by jumping sideway lolol.

Mimi Sukitto comes with a screwhead tip to perfectly catch all the dirt while the sift brush tip will gently bring out the tiny dirt.

Too elaborated? Well what to do. Japanese are perfectionists.


Callus Remover


Ok well, think of your feet like parmesan lolol. This beauty tool smooth your hard skin like cheese grater. It looks a little intimidating but don’t worry, it totally doesn’t hurt at all and is very gentle!


Nail Scissors

Who needs nail scissors?

Babies and people with soft and thin nails. When Junya was a small baby, i used only scissors because his nails were sooo fragile!  If you have very soft nails, a clipper may cause damage, and the curved design edge allows very easy cutting.

Not to mention this product also received a Good Design Award in Japan!!

If you have a baby at home, you can get the baby beauty tools from Rakuten too!

All the Greenbell products are Made in Japan and made of the finest stainless steel.



Silk Fibro

It’s true, in Japan now the beauty trend is about minimalism and multitasking.

There are only 3 Silk Fibro products you’ll need.


Silk Fibro Cleansing & Cream

When i first saw it, i was mistaken. I thought it was a cleansing cream. No. It is a Cleanser AND Cream.


  1. It is a make up remover.
  2. It is a massage cream
  3. It is a moisturizer
  4. It is a make up base.

Huh?? Sorry but i cannot brain. You mean it can be used as a base for your make up AND remove make up at the same tim?

Yes. It’s a all-purpose multitasking magic cream. You can go to Silk Fibro page to find out more!


Silk Fibro Wash

Again, this one is another overachiever.

This revolutionary multipurpose silk paste works as a nourishing face wash, face mask and exfoliator.


Silk Fibro Lotion

Lastly, this is all you need to end your daily skin care routine.

It is a luxurious moisturizing lotion, enriched with silk amino acids, purifies and conditions your skin with long-lasting intense hydration.

Skin Fibro may be a bit on the pricy side, but think about it!!! If you buy a whole set, you end up getting something like 7 products combined in just 3 products. Now that’s worth it lol.

If you don’t wanna spend too much at one go, you can go for the the Silk Fibro Trial Sets, which is their top selling product at only RM50! Super good value!


Rakuten MyCyberSale

So if you are thinking of shopping at Rakuten Malaysia, they will be having MyCyberSale in collaboration with Mdec from 28th Sept – 4th Oct with discounts up to 90% and with more than 1000 products to choose from!

Other than beauty, Rakuten Malaysia actually has a diverse mix of product categories, including fashion apparel and accessories, health and beauty products, consumer electronics, toys and games and home furniture. Shopping is Entertainment!!

Also don’t forget about the Rakuten Super Points reward programme – you will need to sign up first as a Rakuten member at no cost, to claim this reward and to earn further Rakuten Super Points (1 Rakuten Super Points is worth RM1).

Shop at Rakuten Malaysia now!