In my previous blog post about SK-II, i talked about how my skin condition is better than when i was younger. I kept thinking that once you go past your early twenties your skin will just go down down down down down.

It’s been many many years after those “early twenty” years, but i am feeling younger and younger. The irony is that i felt even younger after becoming a mother.

So i am a true believer of changing ones destiny. Not just skin, of course, but may i just say that many things in life can be just the way you want them to be.

You may experience the most difficult time, but you can choose to be positive. You are wronged by someone and feel cynical towards people. But you can choose to be kind and forgiving. You lost something. But you can choose to be grateful for other things.

Everything is a choice. You can choose to be young.

I choose to continue my #ChangeDestiny journey.

I am so happy that SK-II is reaching out to more and more people. It used to be the super luxurious cosmetic product sitting in upmarket beauty aisles that i could only glare at longingly.

But now everyone knows about it and many people love it.

At the SK-II #ChangeDestiny World at Suria KLCC, i met new friends and witnessed how SK-II move one step higher in inspiring and empowering woman to take control of their own destinies.

That’s cute Mira with funky hair colors. We go to the same hairstylist XD.

There were Soo Wincci, Joanne Yew and lovely Marsha Londoh Milan looking beautiful in white.

Japanese wagashi – mochi was served that day. I am sure it represents how your skin feels after using SK-II: mochi mochi, bouncy bouncy haha.

Also there was an interesting experiment done at the event, using Japanese Kouya Tofu. It’s a kind of freeze-dried tofu used for nabe or soup dishes in Japan.

The tofu was cut into small sponge like pieces and soaked in 3 different liquids for 1 week. Tofu sponges soaked in Essence A and water were dry and cracked. But the one with R.N.A Power Essence, it’s soft like cushion and when you press it down, it immediately bounce back!!!

Ok i wish my skin is like tofu now.

Trying first hand (accidentaly pun lol) the revolutionary Pitera X R.N.A (Radical New Age) that will help achieve lengthwise firmness X crosswise firmness in every cell, all layers of the skin.

There was also a pledge ceremony for all the invited guests.


We each wrote down our short pledge on a locket and lock it onto the Wall of Destiny. Mine was really simple: Be thankful everyday.

Even without attending this event, that would still be something i’d pledge to myself. Because it has helped changed my life. I guess that’s probably my life motto.

My key to the locket. Did you know? SK-II stands for “Secret Key to…” 😀

And of course i am ever so lucky to be able to try out their exclusive premiere for SK-II New R.N.A Power.

There’s the essence, and there’s the moisturizer. Powerful combination to pore-less, bouncy skin.

Of course i still have my treatment lotion and treatment essence and eye cream and lots more XD, but on a busy and tired night these two will already do wonders.

I love them. I have been using the previous Stempower series to this newly upgraded R.N.A Power. The biggest difference i could feel after using it is really less visible pores and less dry skin in aircon room.

Here’s a short video to introduce the new SK-II R.N.A Power!


That’s all for today!