What is better than McDonald’s when you are actually craving for McDonald’s?

Well, McDonald’s that’s everything Japan-themed!!!

Time for a taste of Japan. In McDonald’s.

As you may have known already, McDonald’s is introducing their ever loved legendary Samurai Burger and Shogun Burger, this time alongside the powerful sidekicks…

Seaweed Shaker at RM1, and Taro Pie at RM2.80!

I ordered everythingggggg because i just could not choose lol.

Samurai Burger, Shogun Burger, Sakura McFizz, Seaweed Shaker Fries, and Taro Pie.


Ok la i wasn’t planning to finish everything on the table, although i am indeed eating for two now XD

Coming along with us today is Chanwon who loves Japan almost as much as i do XD. The perfect lunch date!

I love the Seaweed Shaker Fries!!! There’s just so much satisfaction in that one paper bag ❤︎

I think this will be in my craving list for a long time.

The main hero. A warrior returned.

If you love Teriyaki sauce, this is a nice change from your usual Quarter Pounder. Beef Samurai Burger is made from a 100% quarter pound beef patty with no added preservatives! Plus, you get a sunny-side-up for Shogun Burger for extra volume!

Finally, the Taro pie gives a sweet ending to the whole Japanese affair!


And… speaking of the Legendary Samurai, there’s even a 3-episode anime created for McDonald’s!!

The two hero samurais…


and Junya

Wait what??? My son??? (Apparently the name is really inspired by our toddler in the house lol.)

So handsome 😀 😀 😀

The anime is really funny!!! I can’t wait for the next two episodes!

Watch it here:


You can also watch the next episodes on McDonald’s website!! Enjoy the yummy fight!! 😀