On Number76 Singapore‘s grand opening day, JunJun was the first ever customer!! He has never had any proper hair cut (not like he had much hair to play with hahaha), but what a nice opportunity to start a first!

Mama what are we doing here?

JunJun had no clue what’s up mama’s sleeves. Hair cut? What hair cut.

Beautiful bouquets from Number76 KL and NALU Omotesando!

Getting ready for the stylist assigned for JunJun. Who was… papa. XD

Mama was getting incredibly nervous! Luckily there was no one in the salon yet (purposely went super early!) so if Junya happened to cry murder at least the salon can roll down the shutters and pretend that they were a DVD shop with horror movie playing lolol.

Ready… go!

The moment Junya was put onto the baby chair, he froze. Like a doll. Or a swan who saw his own reflection from the mirror LOLOL.

Even when the assistant put the towel and cutting cloth over him he was still in a daze like… “who’s that doll in the mirror? Wow it is cute!” lolol.

And then papa started snipping away. He sat still like a statue @.@

I totally didn’t expect that because i have heard all sorts of horror stories about children’s salon visits. Both from the stylists’ point of view (Is the baby gonna pass out from so much crying?! Am i going to jail?!) and mothers perspective (they almost cut his ear off!!!!). It was nothing to look forward to unlike for the mothers (Hmmm pampering. Wooo, makeover!).

But maybe it was because the stylist was his own papa. Maybe he is born a hair stylist and was intently learning hair cut at 18 months old lolol. Good choice, Junya.

Either way, it went extremely smoothly.

I was in between feeling proud that he was so calm and worrying if he’s permanently traumatized and in shock until he couldn’t even move.

But after the hair cut he gave papa a kiss so i guess they are all good.

And happy. With a good hair cut (which doesn’t really make a difference actually hahaha).

GOT LOOK ALIKE MA????? 😀 Hahhaha. Fine. Every one will look the same from this angle.


Few days later Qiu brought Meredith to her first salon hair cut too!!

Why can sooooooo cute one!!!!! Like little baby bear!!

She is also so so so so so good girl!!! Mommy was holding her and she was very curious why it wasn’t shower time but she was wrapped in a towel and there’s a pair of scissors flying here and there lolol.

Her haircut was done in just 10 minutes!

Stylists will be so blissful to get babies like her and i was sooooo relieved that both our babies are quite good haircut candidates because we would have felt super paiseh if their hair cuts take like 1 hour or cry until all customers in the salon has melted ear drums omg.

Not to mention since it’s totally free (Number76 gives free hair cut for all kids below 5, if their parent are a member!), the stylists will have to sacrifice other paid client’s appointments!! That would make me feel super bad. I was totally ready to give up if Junya started crying non stop for 10 minutes and I’d rather he has Chewbacca’s hair and maybe try to cut his hair at home while he sleeps hahhaha. But i guess that’s the kind of perks you get marrying a hairstylist XD. Well done, me.

Thank you Meredith and Junya.


Here’s a video of Junya’s haircut process!!




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