It’s been a crazy month with lots of traveling!! After 10 days in Singapore, we are back to KL now, and 3 days later we are flying off to Japan again. This would be my last trip before I have my hands full with two babies.

I’m suddenly getting super heavy now that I am in my third trimester, and our stay in Singapore was just super unhappening one with me resting at home the whole time with Junya. I didn’t even have the mood to cook T___T. Most of the time just tapao or eat out.

I did meet up with Carol and we went shopping together at A Bathing Ape at Orchard Road!

Pregger Wefie hahah.

We are both wearing A Bathing Ape that day hahaha. Carol has a daughter who is about the same age as Junya, and now she is pregnant with her second daughter and we are due almost the exact same time also!!!

The only style I can do now is super duper loose and comfy street fashion.

JunJun was there to shop with me.

Love all the Hello Kitty X Baby Milo collection! Too cute ^^

Here are some of the items I got at A Bathing Ape store, SG.

New coordinate for my Japan trip!

Super oversized sweater.

Signature camouflage sweatshirt and a matching beanie.

Coordinate for JunJun <3

There’s even something for the danna lol. BAPE X Asics sneakers!

Summore have to whip out his skateboard to pose for me XD

Also got my nail seals and although a bit late, Baby Milo Ang Pow!

JunJun in his hoodie. 100cm is way big for him but somehow it looks so cute oversized like that!!

My baby ape <3

Visit the BAPE Singapore Store at:

333A Orchard Road, #02-02/03 Mandarin Gallery
+65 6838 0232


And FB page:




Beauty Shoutout

Peau Ultime

Today i will be introducing a new skin care brand called Peau Ultime!

What i got here is a package of Peau Ultime silk mask and also a bottle of Ultimate Perfect Cream.

The masks come in two types, one is Hydrating, and one is Brightening.

What is a silk mask? A silk mask is made of natural silk that contains 18 essential amino acids which includes a great nutritional value to human where the composition and structure are very similar to human skin.

I applied the Hydrating mask on my face and it was the softest, smoothest and thinnest mask i’ve ever used!!!

It snugs your face contours perfectly like a second skin, covering and moisturizing every inch of your face. Did you know? The absorption of nutrients in a silk mask is far better than the traditional mask, and its moisturizing effect is 5-10 times than the ordinary mask!

My face felt really moisturized and supple after the mask, and the next step is to apply the Ultimate Perfect Cream 6 in 1.

It serves to deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin, reduces visible fine lines and wrinkles, brighten the skin, firm sagging skin to increase skin’s elasticity, and soothes sensitive skin.

The cream feels really soft on the skin and not oily at all! You can apply it every day and night, as last part of your skin care routine.

Find out more about Peau Ultime at:

And don’t miss out the 15% new opening promotion!