We are back from Tokyo!!!

I’m back KL now to take a rest. Every time we come back everybody gets sick -_-. The weather maybe? Looks like the haze is back T___T.

To add insult to injury, our helper decided not to return after we sent her back to her country when we were away. The danna had to go back to Singapore immediately for work. Now I have to take care of Junya alone at 8 months pregnant. Two nights ago Junya vomitted and had diarrhoea, and now it is my turn.

Things can’t go any worse than this at the moment. It’s a little bit depressing really. But I will be strong. I am a mother. There’s nothing I can’t do.





Anyway during our trip in Tokyo, Junya and I went to 76CAFE, Omotesando for lunch on his 21st month haha. Every month must celebrate <3.

Oyako coordinate! My belly gets so big this time all I wore was a rotation of different oversized sweaters and jeggings.

At 76CAFE!!

JunJun just turned 21 month old that day, and I ordered his first Okosama Set Meal for him.

We were given a disposable bib!!!! Why so thoughtful!!!!

Junya’s Okosama set. Hamburg Tomato rice with Ebi Fry.

Karaage as starter, the danna’s favorite.

I also ordered Red Seafood Curry but forgot to snap a picture!

All Junya cares about was the fruit jelly that comes with it. So typically toddler XD

Happy 21 month old!

Long time no see Dejima san!!


NALU Hair Salon

On a separate occasion Junya and I went to NALU Salon, which is just upstairs of 76CAFE for hair pampering!

Junya had his second haircut by papa <3

Actually really nothing to do cut XD. It’s quite amazing papa manage to cut for something like 5 minutes hahaha. (And then after cut no difference also XD)

This time around he knows he’s getting a hair cut though. He said “scissors, papa cut, JunJun hair”.

Awesome!!! My son’s gonna be a hair stylist at 5 year old lolol.

And then after that…. it was my turn!

Hair color, treatment and cut by Gomi san, who has worked in NALU for something like 13 years (!!!!!).  Japanese people’s work loyalty amazes me.

I was bribing JunJun with his favorite biscuits.

Dejima san helped babysit once in a while XD.


Treat bribes, milk powder, bib… every trick also come out lol.

Gomi san was giving me a dark ash color plus some super magic treatment!!!

I didn’t feel it that day but after i come back to Malaysia my hair was still super soft and  smooth and i must say that’s probably the best treatment I’ve done in Number76 so far @.@.

Why liddat wan???? I bet it’s the Japanese air and water!!!!

She added juuuuust a hint of pink at hair end cuz she said it’s sakura season hahaha.

A little bit of fringe trim and done!!

With baby JunJun <3

My stylist Gomi San.

If you are heading to Tokyo some time soon, why not drop by NALU Hair Salon for a quick hairset or hair makeover before heading for your hanami session!!!

Must look as pretty as sakura ok!!!! <3

The salon is tourist friendly! Basic English is ok with the stylists so no worries about language.

Also, there’s a secret sakura viewing spot just 3 minutes away from 76CAFE/NALU, so you can ask the staff to point you to this little rendevous!

Find out more about 76CAFE and NALU hair salon here!!!

Also, a short Junya’s hair cut video ^^