Singapore really has almost all the Japanese things I needed T____T.

I am back to KL now for my maternity leave, and the danna is based in SG now, so I really can’t wait to join him again so our family can be together!!

In Malaysia, one of my biggest woes is that there’s no way I could watch Japanese channels live. When I stayed in Japan with Junya while being 8 months pregnant and have mobility limitation, we just watched TV all day all night and it was so so so addictive. I miss Japanese TV programs T___T.

But Singapore hassssssssssss. They have WAKUWAKU JAPAN!!!

It is a cable/IPTV channel showing Japanese programmes including classic and more recent Japanese drama, variety, anime, sports, documentaries, culture, fashion and music programmes. All programmes are either dubbed or subtitled in English, which is the most important part!!!!! (Although for me I don’t really need it haha but still nice to have so I can improve my Japanese every day!) Access to Japanese channels 24/7. Sounds perfect to me! The channel is currently showing on Singtel TV (CH 268/520/616) and Starhub (CH 813).

One of the programs on WAKUWAKU JAPAN is “Kawaii Asia“, where famous Japanese models share Japan’s kawaii culture. All the trendy cute characters, fashion and household items!

And there’s actually a website you can purchase it from, and it is:

Tokyo Otaku Mode

And guess what??? I’ve got mail today!!!

The sponsors have sent me and Junya a surprise gift box!!!

Jeng jeng jeng….

Oh oh oh oh??? Did I see an Alpaca???

It’s the famous Alpacasso!!! In Rainbow colors!!!

It is sooooo irresistibly cute I actually got a peach-pink color for baby Meredith. Now Junya can have a rainbow one hahahha. And it is not just any Alpacasso ok, it is a limited Alpacasso plushie available only on the TOM Premium Shop! Apparently the colors comes from the Tokyo Otaku Mode logo!

And it is only $20.99, available here!!!

Oh and then there’s something else! What is this??

This is Nemuriale Sleep Aid Puppy, a sleep aid device developed by the Japanese experts for people who are stressed over sleep or just want to unwind a little.

Just turn on the Nemuriale device and it will continue to let out a gentle beat for 20 minutes which is designed to get your breathing and heartbeat rhythm back in line so you’ll feel nice and relaxed.

And actually, I have heard about something like this before to calm a fussy newborn baby to sleep because it mimics the heartbeat of mommy.

It would be super useful for Junya’s baby sister when she is born!!

But right now, let me try it on Big Brother Baby Bear first hahaha. And yeap. He slept through his whole nap soundly! ^^

And at night, I introduced him to Rainbow Alpacasso.

He was super happy to see him!

Big hug!!!!!!

And even a kiss!!! 😀



Other than these two exclusive items, Tokyo Otaku Mode also has many, many, many other super kawaii and awesome (and of course, Otaku) products for sale!

Let’s see what else they have…

Kawaii Kyaraben goods!!!

Hahahha i have almost ALL of them in my kitchen!! I flew all the way to Japan to buy it, but now you can just get it from Tokyo Otaku Mode!!


Kawaii Plushies

Japanese toy plushies are just…. I mean, just look at them T___T. As the Japanese always say, “iyasareru“, meaning “being healed (by soothing effects and achieving inner peace )”. Yes the healing effect of all the cute characters!

Liz Lisa 2016 Pre-Order


This makes me want to fall in love with Liz Lisa all over again. If you read me long enough you would know how I used to be super obssessed with this brand. I mean, now that I am a mother… but you know what? I DON’T MIND!!! XD


Spring Sakura Special 2016

I cannot…. omg. I am weak for everything Sakura T___T.

They even have to have Sakura edition plushies T____T.

I need to breathe now.

While you can go shop at:

Tokyo Otaku Mode


Finally, don’t forget to catch WAKUWAKU JAPAN on Singtel TV on Channels CH268/520/616 & StarHub TV on CH831!!! I