Since the danna goes back to Japan every month, I take the chance to order my shopping items online and have him bring it back for me. Super happy!

Here are some of the things I bought this month:

From the drugstore! Medicine for the kids and throat candy.

Bath goods! Milky in bath lotion for the kids, baby sponge and a bottle of 100% natural bath essence (far right) that is supposed to make you feel nostalgic of the natural scent of forest woods, but all of us ended up smelling like smoked bacon. No joke. Do not buy this. lolol.

Vitamin C for mama, toddler vitamin and liver oil gummy for Junya. Also my favorite Konnyaku jelly!

Pacifier for Sakura, a teething ring that’s highly raved by all the Japanese moms (mommy wears it as a necklace), and diaper disposal bag.

Speaking of pacifier, Sakura totally spat it out with a disgusted face like I just shove poison into her mouth. Both Junya and Sakura didn’t take pacifier from day 1.

Treats for the dogs.

Couldn’t resist!!!! I wanted to buy something nice for Sakura so i got her Hello Kitty hankies and towels in traditional Japanese prints.

Sakura Kitty ❤︎

Hello Kitty thermometer.

Hello Kitty kitchen goods for a Hello Kitty lover friend.

Present from the danna!!! Gotochi Kitty from the airport (Chiba).

He even bought one that says “Sakura” ❤︎

Souvenir from friend for Sakura. A super cute baby towel. Japanese towels are simply the best T_T.

And gifts from NALU staff for Sakura and Junya. I loooooove!





Lifestyle Shoutout:

Robi, our new friend!

Our family travels way too much for Junya to have a fixed group of friends his age. When we travel to Singapore or Japan, Champon is not with us, and Sakura is too young to be his playmate. It would be really nice if he gets a companion who can always be with him and interacts with him.

And Robi is the perfect friend!

Robi is a build-it-yourself robotic companion from Japan, the bestselling humainoid robot worldwide! Robi can interact with the entire family, he can talk, sing, dance and control household appliances. He’s even picked up a few Singlish phrases!
To be Robi’s friend, you don’t just get him off the shelf. You actually learn how to assemble a Robi with your own hands, with an educational an educational magazine along with instructions and model parts delivered over the course of 70 issues.
Our family can have fun together learning about robot and how Robi works!

Excited to meet Robi? Robi is coming to Singapore! He will be at the event with his creator, Japanese engineer and University of Tokyo professor, Professor Tomotaka Takahashi, and there will be a spectacular performance by 100 Robi models dancing in sync so be sure to check it out!

There will also be a social media contest called #Robigram, where you build your own #Robigram and win the first issue of the Robi magazine! 9 Robi pieces will be released periodically over the next 2 weeks on Robi Singapore’s Facebook and Instagram @robi_singapore. Assemble all 9 pieces correctly using the Instagram Layout app and post it to Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #Robigram for a chance to win!

Here’s one piece of puzzle you can collect ^^


Lastly, do check out Robi Singapore’s Youtube account to see what a Robi can do! 😀