I realize that if I don’t blog about this now I never will!

A year ago (June 2015), the danna and I traveled to Hawaii together with Junya for our family vacation. Hawaii was one of the top destination for me to visit because I always hear about how much of a paradise it is. It is also all my Japanese friends’ dream place to live forever and ever in. And basically everything Hawaii-related will just automatically sell like hot cakes (literally) in Japan. Hawaii is like Japan for me for Japanese people haha. The danna loves Hawaii very much too, but mainly because it has some of the world’s best surf spots.

After spending about a week in Honolulu, I finally understand why it is so for most Japanese people. Everything is different from Japan, yet everything is ever so familiar. It was almost like Japan in another universe, English-speaking. It was pretty much paradise, indeed.

The sky and sea were in shades of blue I’ve never ever seen before and the sunsets were in the most mesmerising pastel pink and purple hues. The entire city was just celebrated with all sorts of pretty colors and friendly tunes and cute humans in beach wears and fancy desserts and relaxing ambiance. I guess it makes one feel like if they live here, it is like a never-ending holiday, forever.

Yet… finally visiting it also makes me realize that, in the end, nothing beats Japan (any part of Japan). Even Japanese’s dream land Hawaii lol.

So I guess Japan has spoilt the entire world for me. Especially when it comes to a city that is so so so similar to Japan. As for food I couldn’t really get used to it either >.<. Most Japanese tourists end up eating Japanese food there, but of course it’s nowhere as good as Japan so we could forget about it (since we were going back to Tokyo right away). And when we went for Hawaiian food, somehow Japan just does it better too lol (pancakes, loco mocos, burgers…). My favorite food in Hawaii was from the garlic shrimp truck!!

But it was truly an amazing experience for our family. I would totally go back again! (But first let me go to more places in Japan first XD)

This post is just some of the highlights of our one-week trip in photos since I don’t even remember much of the details of the trip anymore.

Junya’s long flight. It was also the first time he had to deal with jet lag. He was quite okay adjusting to local time but came down with a mild fever the moment we arrived.

Already amazed from the plane.

Favorite airline <3


Junya who was not affected by his fever at all.


Breakfast at a nearby cafe.

Acai bowl!!! Ordered an extra portion of avocado for Junya as it was his obsession at that time. Now changed liao -_-. (it’s peanut butter now)

Loco moco! So simple!! Usually in Japan they made it real fancy haha. I prefer the 76CAFE version 😛


Beach side with papa.

With mama

Sunset from our hotel’s balcony.

Sunset at the dock.

Dinner at a typical family restaurant! Look at Junya’s stuffed cheeks lolol


First selfie 😛

Waikiki beach near our hotel.

Colors are so surreal!!

I had a coupon from Blacklane so i called for your limo service. Who knows this was the ride we got!!!!!! @.@ Celeb style hahaha.

With our driver.

Queueing up for the famed pancakes at Boots and Kimo’s. We waited about an hour and the food was… I better buy my own hotcake mix and do at home hahahha.

Everybody’s favorite Lanikai beach!!

First time walking!!! Junya juuuust turned 1 and this was his first time holding our hand walking omg. So awkwardly just like a little penguin. I remember I was wishing he could walk better sooner so we can go to more places and go shopping together.

Fast forward one year later, now he won’t stop saying “I want to go shopping” and refuse to hold our hands -_____-.


Walking with papa

My little penguin <3


Indeed one of the most beautiful beaches ever.

Going to another beach on another day. Went to so many different ones I don’t even remember where anymore XD

Spam Musubi for the road!!! Yummy!

Super huge heart float from Loco Boutique.

Sand play with JunJun.

Family of 3!

Such pretty colors!!!!

On another day we drove all the way up north for the super famed Matsumoto Shave Ice everyone on Instagram was asking me to try. Also queued about 30 minutes.

And it tasted like… ice with color syrup lol.

We tried Ahi Poke too on zoo day!! Also drove to one of the most highly rated one! Not bad but… it’s just maguro with sweet sauce on rice hahahha. By that time I started to doubt that I could ever live in Hawaii. I would end up missing real Japanese food like mad XD. Plus cannot find Char Kuey Teow. No la I cannot live in Hawaii lol.

Zoo with JunJun!

He couldn’t speak yet but he was pointing at all the animals being amazed by them. It would be so much more fun to do zoo again now!

Food truck ramen which has picture of Ayumi Hamasaki!!! It tasted like… the danna said it cannot be called ramen lolol.

When JunJun still held hand with us. Both his hands.

Tourist shot

Back to Waikiki beach for sunset.


Does Hawaii look like this everyday??? Apparently it does!

Another road trip! Junya was so botak a year ago! XD

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay has the bluestestestest sea i’ve ever seen @.@

This is the Konoko Nannoki Kininaruki tree made famous

Just getting some of its powerful Qi ^^

Mt Tantalus <3


Family picture!

First double rainbow in my life.

Apparently it’s an almost everyday affair in Hawaii. That pretty much sums Hawaii up. And I guess that’s why it’s so loved by many people <3.