Our last trip to Hakone before baby Sakura was born!

As usual we rented a car and went on a road trip with our typical itinerary: Ebina rest area for breakfast, Hakone to thank the tree god, and Gotenba for shopping and sushi. Haha super predictable!

First time trying the famous Ebina Melon Pan!

Melon Pan is basically the Japanese Roti Boy lol. There’s no melon in it! It’s just that the crust makes it look vaguely like a melon hence the name.

It’s so popular it even has its own Gotochi Kitty!

If you ever pass by Ebina, be sure to try the Karaage vendor outside! It’s selling all sorts of sinful fried stuff like fried chicken skin, fried chicken and fried nankotsu + sakura ebi. Unhealthy I know but sooooo addictive T_T.

JunJun ate healthier snack though, his favorite bolo.


Arrived at Hakone! Our usual praying ritual at different shrines.

Junya mesmerized at papa’s wishing.

We are back, magic tree.

Bringing JunJun back here the second time, and bringing Sakura in my tummy to give our thanks once again.

I actually wished for a healthy baby girl the previous time I came, so looks like we will be back again, soooon.

JunJun tried to communicate with the tree again. (He did 1.5 years ago)

#Ootd shot lol

Family picture.

1.5 years ago:

This is so crazy! Next time we’d be back with TWO babies!!

Stopped by a rest area where the danna took a short nap from all the driving. Me and JunJun went and pat a cat.

Apparently she is the manager of a shop there haha.


Posted the same-ish pictures god knows how many times liao but… nobody can get sick of eating this!!! World best Aburi Engawa <3

And Sungoi~ Series sushi. Sakura ebi, shirasu, crab meat, uni and ikura.

Gloriously overflowing.

Supreme Uni. But the one we had in Saga prefecture was still the best.

JunJun eating… a slice of lemon.



Here are the rest of our trip in Tokyo, random photos that didn’t fit into a separate post!

at NALU salon waiting for papa to finish his work.

Winter baby!

I wonder why adults don’t get those red cheeks. We simple turn grey lolol.

Oh let mw try a selfie from this angle!

RinRin came to visit when I was grounded at home with a huge belly and crazy back pain.



Watching TV at night.

Sleeping on baby Sakura.

Good morning…

And good night, Tokyo.

See you again soon.



How coincidental. As I just published this post, the danna who is back in Japan for work now sent me this in the morning:

Thank you papa. Thank you, tree.


PS: He just told me now he’s going to Gotenba to eat world best Aburi Engawa T__T.