Sakura quite unluckily suffers from sensitive skin since she was born. So far I’ve dealt with her mysterious rashes, cradle cap and skin irritations and it is still going on a daily basis 🙁

The paed said the answer to all these problems are diligent cleansing with gentle products, cool temperature and most importantly, to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize!

I have heard about Biolane, the Baby SkinCare Specialist from France from its Singapore ambassador, none other than my very favorite mommy friend QiuQiu. She uses it for Meredith and I think I will give it a try for Sakura, as Biolane’s products are specially designed to respect vulnerability of babies skin and help strengthen their natural defences.

When I first got the products I was a little overwhelmed. There are so many different ranges!!! Do I really need so many?

Then I remembered what the paed told me: that I may need more than one kind of products for different skin areas. For example, since Sakura has dry skin I should use a rich cream instead of lotion. But her skin fold areas (armpits/neck, etc) sweat really easily so I should keep them lightly moisturized.

So, where do we start?

The first step of care is cleansing. I bathe Sakura in the morning and wipe her down in the evening.


2-in-1 Hair & Body Gel

This is one of Biolane’s best seller! It has a unique gel texture and is very gentle for babies. All Biolane’s products are also alcohol-free, paraben-free, 100% hypoallergenic and with physiological PH formula.There’s also Essential Cleansing Emulsion if you prefer milk texture!

It’s for both body and hair!


The next step is to moisturize! Actually, I moisturize before I even cleanse. How?

Sweet Almond Oil Spray

Sounds delicious! There are two ways of using it: spray on in the bath or massage in after cleansing. I add 5 squirts under running bath water to prevent drying effect from bath water, so Sakura can come out fresh and already protected. This oil spray is also great for cradle cap removal!

Dermo-Paediatric Moisturizing Cream

This is probably one of the most important products for Sakura! It is applied for whole body or dry skin area. Biolane’s Dermo-Paediatric range is suitable even for babies with sensitive/eczema-prone skin.

If you prefer a lighter version moisturizer, you can go for Gentle Moisturizing Spray. Junya trying to sniff Sakura cuz she smells good hahaha.


After cleansing and moisturizing, prevention is also very important!

After the moisturizing cream, you can continue with the DP diaper rash cream if diaper rash is a problem.

Liquid Talc

This is the star product of Biolane. As its name suggests, it is in liquid form and contains no powder particles! I don’t like using talc powder because the powder usually will fall all over the bed or towel leaving white stains and it’s really messy.

Skin fold areas sometimes can have rashes or dry skin.

For Liquid Talc, you can rub the cream into sensitive areas until it turns into talc. It can help absorb sweat, prevent rash and at the same time moisturize! I really love this one! I think it’s quite a genius product as it is really easy to use and mess-free.


Micellar Water

After an outing in the afternoon when there’s no time for an extra bath, the Micellar Water is a life saver!! It gently cleanses the baby’s face and body without rinsing. So perfect for busy mama like me who wants a quick solution to easy cleansing for Sakura.

You can use a cotton pad and dab on baby’s skin, it leaves a non-oily protective film on the skin and soothes feelings of irritation and tightness.

Mommies can even use it as a gentle make-up remover. I like it because Sakura’s skin totally doesn’t feel dry after cleansing!


Dermo-Paediatric range

These are all the DP range that is suitable for babies with sensitive skin, dry skin and eczema prone skin.

For eco-conscious and naturalist mommies, you may also check out Biolane’s baby detergents and also ranges for pregnant mommies and new mommies, such as stretch mark cream and nursing balm.

Log on to Biolane’s website for their complete ranges of products!

Biolane will be participating in 12th TCE Baby Expo @ Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from July 28-31, 2016; Booth 157, so you can drop by to find out more about the products!

There will be loads of great buys and special promotions.

Giveaway Time!!

This time, giveaway for EVERYBODY!! 😀

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