So when Junya’s first teeth sprouted out, I was so excited like I just uncovered gems in a forgotten treasure box. But the danna was like, “buy baby toothpaste, now.”

And he was dead serious about it.

He had tooth decay at young age and had lots of his teeth replaced, so he doesn’t want his children grow up to have this regret to not have protected their precious teeth at all cost. Well of course, the responsibility is falls on me. I am the evil witch holding a toothbrush chasing after them.

A lot of people think that baby’s milk teeth eventually fall off anyway, why the need to take care of them?

The truth is that baby’s milk teeth are less densely mineralized than the enamel of permanent teeth, and the damage can go deep into the tooth and cause cavities.

Therefore it is very important to start oral hygiene as soon as baby’s first tooth emerges, and introduce your baby to a lifelong habit that will ensure great smiles for decades to come.

SensiTeeth is a range of toothpastes with different levels of fluoride and calcium to suit different ages.

It is EU tested for superior safety, and also free from Gluten–Parabens-Aromatics.

I had a hard time traning Junya to brush his teeth. I tried everything. Sing songs, play games, get him to watch teeth-brushing cartoons… the only thing I haven’t done was to bait him with candies. Well… for obvious reasons haha.

Anyway, 2 years after his first teeth emerges, he is now very cooperative with teeth-brushing, as long as I let him watch his favorite Nontan videos, and as long as the toothpaste is yummy lol.

Junya is very excited to try his new toothpaste while Sakura is… brushing her gums with her fingers XD.

SensiTeeth First Tooth Paste (First teething 6+months)

Sakura is 6 months old now, meaning that her first tooth can surprise us anytime now.

It is essential to protect the baby teeth as they play an extremely important role in the growth & development of every child. They also hold spaces for the growth of permanent teeth and impact on speech and mental development such as confidence and self-esteem. I know that because I had done braces twice in my life, just to achieve that dream perfect smile.

Since baby eats everything they put into their mouth, SensiTeeth First Tooth Paste is safe to swallow! Well… the paste of course, not the packaging, Sakura.

SensiTeeth Kids Tooth Paste (Fluoride 500 ppm and Calcium 3+years old)

Junya: This one! This is for me!!

By about three years old, a child should be able to spit out the toothpaste after brushing. It’s the time to introduce them the toothpaste with calcium-fluoride formulation, as fluoride helps to prevent and control tooth decay while calcium can help to grow stronger teeth!

Junya is using edible toothpaste now but soon he will be using the 500ppm for kids at 3 years old. It is specially designed for the youngest mouths to get them used to the taste of toothpaste. Comes in a pleasant raspberry flavor too!


Watch me, bae Sakua.


Yeap. Taste approved.

This is how you brush teeth, meimei. Soon you’re gonna have to learn!


There are toothpaste for older kids at 6+ of age too:

The SensiTeeth Kids Tooth Paste for 6+ and SensiTeeth Epismalto Tooth Paste comes with higher fluoride that is designed for children around the age of 6 as they will experience tooth transition period, therefore it is extra important to maintain a good habit brushing teeth diligently!

You only get one chance to have good and healthy permanent teeth, so toothpaste with higher fluoride can be used to prevent tooth decay as children around this age start to develop likings for sugary drinks and snacks!

There’s also the SensiTeeth Kids Mouthwash to provide an extra dose of cavity protection. Gargling with mouthwash reduces germs and plaque left behind after brushing.


SensiTeeth is now available exclusively in Guardian and selected independent pharmacies!

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