Since I already have done Konmari Makeover once for our home in KL, I was very confident that I could do this again for our new home in Singapore.

And it would be super easy because when I packed from our previous apartment, everything was already sorted accordingly, and I have done the discarding, so now it was just to find every item a new home.

Here’s a house tour! Virtual open house for you all! Feel free to bring your own snacks and potluck lolol.

New Home

The first day we moved in on 23 Dec.

The next day. Which was Christmas eve.

HAHA I was quite impressed myself leh! Summore we (Junya and I. But mostly me.) put up a super last minute Christmas tree!

(it was supposed to be a surprise for the danna but guess what, it took him one whole minute to realize there was a gigantic tree in the house -_-.)

It was also our 4th wedding anniversary so I got us a bouquet.

The Christmas tree served us for about a week, and then I took it down after new year and let it take a one year break.

Living Room

Our living room for the previous house was a disaster, it was soooo cluttered and things were just being stacked up one after another on whatever random surfaces. For the longest time the danna’s surfboard became a table top for things that didn’t have a home. And why didn’t I make homes for our belongings??

Because. The house was so old and ill-treated that there were goddamn cockroaches living inside all the cabinets my goodness. We tried pest repellent, insect traps, and cleaned them over and over again, but a few days after we would find cockroach shit all over the cabinets again. Serious like…

In the end I have decided that the number 1 criteria for the next house (other than budget) would be “new and spark joy”.

And I am so glad we picked a relatively new apartment to move in to. It feels sooooooo much better and I also have higher motivation to want to keep it tidy and spotless. The landlord would be very happy to know this. You are welcome.

So now I am trying to keep the living room as clean and minimal as possible!



This time we also have a balcony!! If the tall table and high stool look familiar it is because you have seen it in Number76 lolol.



The bathroom is actually one of my favorite places in the house because I think I kept it quite tidy! I used to have a million bottles screaming different brands and types and colors and contents before I Konmari’ed.

This time I only have 3-4. And that’s because they fit the whole theme and it’s for deco haha. I want my bathroom to look like a 5 star hotel bathroom 😛

With pastel seashells (bought from DAISO).

The rest of the bottles all go inside the tatami boxes so it looks neat.

I even micro-manage the boxes lol. Now I sound like a horrible woman with emotional issues lol.

Sub-storage for my make up. You can get the trays of different sizes from DAISO. For some reason everything just fits perfectly in the box.

Cheesie Resort Amenities. Instead of a whole packet I keep a limited amount. When it’s half gone I’ll refill again. That way your box stays forever neat. I think Kondo Marie will be proud of me.



This is @cheesiepetit’s room!! Actually it is Junya’s room and future Sakura’s room because Sakura still sleeps together with me.

Unfortunately after a week of this, we had to move Junya’s bed into our master bedroom because he didn’t want to sleep alone anymore. So now it is just a room to store… toys. Haih.

But anyway, let’s pretend he still sleeps in this room lol.

Two IKEA beds with their own soft toys. The photos on the wall are all taken by the danna. Except for the Venetian panting we bought during our honeymoon.

The closet for this room sucks so I used it to store their toys instead. Their closets are below the beds.


Junya’s closet. (clo-chest?!)

Sakura’s closet.



When I saw how huge the kitchen was, I was immediately sold. For some reasons most of the apartments we have viewed in Singapore come with very, very sad kitchens. One had a sink so small I couldn’t even fit our medium-size pot T__T. And also literally no space for a rice cooker. And I’d probably knock into myself if I turn around lolol.

But this kitchen is kick-ass joy-sparking!!

A counter top for microwave, rice cooker and even an extra space for rice container (which is very convenient, you just pull a lever and you don’t need to measure in cup anymore!!!!). To show off the newly harvested Koshihikari we carried back from Niigata HAHAH.

A million washcloths because the danna simply cannot tahan overnight wet and smelly washcloths. And he gave this OCD to me and now I have to wash a bunch of them every single day.

Trays for the kitchen seasonings.

The cabinets have been Konmari-ed too. Although I think I could do better.

Emergency stash. Japan and Singapore is so different haha. Emergency food in Japan is for when something like an earthquake happens. Whereas my emergency stash here is for when the fridge has been emptied, there’s nothing that fancies me on Deliveroo, and it’s way too hot to go downstairs to tapao HAHAHA. Talk about being spoilt.

Another drawer to keep those fancy cute kitchen tools I never use.

This is the landlord’s fridge, which is a lousy brand that totally didn’t spark joy whatsoever. Every day see the logo I very不爽 so I covered it with gel-stickers haha. I did the same for the washing machine also HAHAHA.

We bought the rest of the electronic appliances ourselves so they spark a lot of joy. 😛

How I Konvert my fridge.

Also still can be better! And omg I suddenly feel very exposed. Somehow showing the whole world the content of my fridge is quite an intimate thing to do. Shy la.

Lastly I wanna recommend this tube storage for the fridge to help you organize all the wasabi and other seasonings in tubes!! Also from DAISO.

If you missed out the article on Lianhe Zaobao, here’s the video. But you can only watch if you promise to not laugh at my Malaysian Mandarin lolol. #KiasuFakeSingaporean

I told my friend and said all the interesting bloggers go on wanbao, but only boring bloggers go on zaobao. 😛 Instead of sensational news, my life is about how I store seasonings in the kitchen HAHAHAHA. I consider that an achievement.


That’s all this time. Gotta go do some cleaning!