I feel shy to even call it “coordinate” because they are technically just “random pieces of clothing I grab from beneath my toddler’s feet to put on and lumps of make up I hastily brush against my face so I look human when we are already very, very late for the intended train ride to catch“.

To be honest I don’t even dare to post #ootd photos anymore because I feel that I have been so out of touch with whatever that’s in-trend now because the word “fashionable” has disappeared from my life from quite a while ago. I haven’t bought any fashion-related item for myself for at least a year. Or more. And the last time I took a selfie was when I accidentally pressed the front camera button and all you could see was my chin and a big frown.

To think that NHK Tokyo Kawaii called me the “Miracle Fashion Blogger”. The irony.


But I was in Japan. In spring. Among a sea of cherry blossom. I would be a painful insult to such wondrous beauty if I just bluntly stepped into it without putting any effort on myself.

So I tried to put on some nice clothes and decent make up and do something about my hair.

It is basic respect. For the surrounding nature and myself.

The danna forced me to buy new clothes for myself. (Seriously, this is the first time I heard about a husband who does that instead of stopping his wife from buying more clothes lolol) And he wanted me to buy nice, good quality apparel that I would cherish for a long time. (Because I have been buying only cheap stuff from fast fashion brands that I always end up giving away…)He said if I don’t spend money I will become stingier and stingier.


But it is true. I It is so scary because I really lost the desire in shopping for myself. I no longer have a shopping wish list. All I cared about now is good strawberries and diapers on sale.

So, this trip to Japan, I have rediscovered the joy of fashion. The happiness of buying things that make you look good. The wonderful feeling on blending in to a beautiful picture. In Japan. Looking at all the pretty ladies made me ashamed. Some of them are like me too. They have kids. They are as busy as me. But they make themselves look beautiful. I can too.

The danna forced me to buy lots of shoes. Every time he sees a nice pair he told me I should get it. (and then he bought one pair as my birthday present).

But they are all black!!!! 

I protest.

Can’t I buy a different color? Like navy or white or something.

He said no. They are all of different styles, and I don’t even meet the basic requirement of having a complete set of black shoes meant for different occasions. Once the collection is complete that then only I am allowed to buy other colors. And I should.

That’s how I know, I have indeed married the best husband I could ever find lol.

So this trip, it was my economical contribution to Japan. For inspiring me once again to look good. To love fashion again. And looking decent and pretty in Japan is my appreciation and respect for this amazing land.

The first day I  styled my hair in a long, loooooong time. And I felt good. We were on the way to #76inOsaka’s first hanami gathering.

Bought lots of new clothes for @cheesiepetit too. Here’s a twinning coordinate.


Junya was hiding behind me 😛

Haha fell asleep in my arm ❤︎

New baby Yukata for Sakura. Embroidery linen top from River & Surge.


Hairmake 1w

Floral top: About A Girl from Isetan Scotts SG

Salopette: Ray Beams

Sakura’s coordinates were for 4-6 months old, still can wear XD


Hairmake 2

Flew from Tokyo to Osaka that day.


Hairmake 3

Top & salopette set: UNIQLO

3-way hairband: Lowry’s Farm

Hair styled straight with Number76’s Hair Beauron straightener.

Sakura’s clothes are from UNIQLO and Muji!


Hairmake 4

Messy hair with Number76’s Hair Beauron straightener too.

Pink border top from Lowry’s Farm.

Complete with pink make.

Straw hat from UNIQLO.

The same Lowry’s Farm hairband worn another way!



Hairmake 5

Sweater borrowed from danna

Hair bow from Daiso.



Hairmake 6

A little Otona style.

Styled straight with Hair Beauron Straightener.

Black top from Journal Standard

Nude lips


Hairmake 7

Messy waves with dango.

Floral dress from About A Girl, Isetan Scotts SG.

Sometimes you don’t really want curls but just a bit volume for your hair and you only have a hair straightener, here’s how you do it!

Short video:

That’s all for today! ^^

Now that I am back KL (for a few days before returning to SG), I hope that I will continue to be inspired to dress up and not get too lazyyyyy.