Many of you who are reading this page probably have something in common: you love Japan too!

Many, many, many of my readers send in emails and comments to ask about travel tips to Japan, and sometimes I really do not have the time to answer each and every one of them, and I feel really bad. Which is why I am trying to sort my Japan travel blog posts under a better categorization and also to work on more FAQ posts.

For Malaysians who are thinking of visiting Japan, this year would be a very good year because 2017 coincides the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of Malaysia-Japan Diplomatic Relations. They have been good friends for a good 6 decades!

And to celebrate this significant year, JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) will be opening its Kuala Lumpur office, which also means that now all Malaysians will have better and easier access to information on Japan travels. I know there are Malaysians who go to the Japan Embassy or even travel all the way to JNTO Singapore office to obtain information, but now we can all have more of Japan in Malaysia!

JNTO’s launch event.

I have worked with JNTO many times (with the Singapore office usually) on various tourism campaigns, for example last year’s travel fair:

I am truly thankful for them for allowing me to have many wonderful experiences in different parts of Japan to discover the beauty of many regions. Hopefully we can continue to work together and spread the love for Japan to the world 🙂

Did you know? In 2016, Japan has recorded the highest number of visitors from Malaysia, with 394,200 Malaysian visitors in total (29.1% increase from the previous year!). That’s amazing and it makes me so so happy! 😀 I was watching a TV program on foreign visitors in Japan, apparently Malaysia is one of the top countries that has a significant increase of new visitors to Japan in recent years. Can I say that it is something I am proud of? Haha.

With this new JNTO Kuala Lumpur office, they hope to provide even better traveling experience for Malaysians, especially information for Muslim visitors to be able to visit Japan in comfort, such as tips on food and prayer facilities.

Other main activities that JNTO would be involved in includes participation in travel fairs like Matta Fair Kuala Lumpur, MITM Penang and Matta Johor. They will also operate an official website and official Facebook page. If you visit the office, you will also be able to get your hands on Japan sightseeing pamphlets!

Here’s the office address:

JNTO Kuala Lumpur Office

Address: 1st Floor, Chulan Tower, 3 Jalan Conlay, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel. +60-3-2712-4770

Website: (Language: English)

I was working with JNTO on a collaboration for a campaign for the Kanto region, specifically on family traveling. You can read some of my experiences here:

JNTO X Cheesie @ Kanto


Some other information you can find on JNTO’s website includes:

The attractions of each season

Attractions of each region and prefecture

Travel guide for Muslims

And of course, one thing that all Malaysians love – foooooood.


Speaking of which, I am leaving for Japan this weekend for three weeks for the cherry blossom season. I can’t wait.

Let’s all visit Japan this year!!!!