Sakura is turning 1 next month and Junya is turning 3 the month after next. 不知不觉 I have already taken up the daunting job as a mother for 3 years.

You’d think that I’d be quite experienced at my job now but noooooo. Every single day is a new challenge and every single day I am still repeating a trial and error process and learn from where I have failed.

Junya is in a dilemma between wanting to be the independent big boy who doesn’t need to hold hands on the road and can pour his own milk and eat only whatever he wants, yet at the same time a baby whom mama will carry from his bed to the living room upon waking and put on his socks.

(Only want to eat the icing part of the donut. -_-)

Should have had a whole pack of Pursoft’s new 3ply soft pack in the stroller to clean up all the mess on the go!

Never ever let me wipe his milk moustache.

He will ask for a mirror to check and wipe himself lol.

And as a mother of a child at a stage of emotional conflicts, I have to adapt to many roles. I have to be firm and tough when he is testing boundaries, and I have to be soft and tender when he needs to be reassured. And I don’t always get it right and do the correct thing at the correct times.

About pouring his own milk, there’s a 90% chance that he will accidentally spill -____-. It’s a lot of work ok!! Wiping the table, the chair, the floor, the milk carton, sometimes he tries to help but it’s always just 越帮越忙. -_-.

That’s not all. He also wants to pour his own soup, sauce, etc.

Do you know how much tissue I need a day? -_-

It is a lot of 麻烦, but I also understand that this is a necessary and crucial phase we need to go through in order for him to advance to the next stage in life. But for now it just feels like it’s neverendingggggggggggg.

Sometimes I get frustrated and upset. Sometimes I nag and nag and nag. Sometimes I keep quiet and try to hold it all back, yet he knows and asks me, “why mama angry at me?”

Sometimes I have to just brace myself for the heartache when he insists doing something that I already know confirm will fail, but I let him try and fail anyway, so that he learns.

Sometimes we argue, and he ends up saying “dowan mama mama go away. I want to cry. And then mama go to work. Bye bye mama.” and I end up feeling heartbroken. Sometimes I leave him crying on the sofa until he falls asleep.

But he always, always, always calls out “mama, mama!!” in his dreams.

And that is how I know no matter how tough he tries to be he still really needs me. I am the only person who can comfort him when he has a nightmare. As soon as he can feel my presence or hear my voice, he promptly drifts back to sleep. And that is how I realized the power of the soft touches of a mother. And that no matter how rough the day was, my frustration all gets melted away upon seeing his sleeping face. All mothers tell me they feel the same.

And we all only want the best for our children. But the little ones don’t know (yet).


This Mother’s Day, Pursoft pays tribute to all mothers out there.

Pursoft supports every mother’s path by providing the quality a mother possesses:

Strength and toughness – the 3 and tissue is thick and soft enough to wipe the chocolate sauce off the little mouths.

Giving the best – only OBA free tissue is used to ensure the best for the family

Comfort and tenderness – only 100% virgin pulp is used for the safest touch with evert use on delicate skin.

Pursoft now comes in new Chocolate Rain Designs for the soft packs!

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Here’s Pursoft’s video dedication for Mother’s Day this year. I soooooo can relate to it, especially the toilet part XD.

Ganbatte mama! ^^