Yay food post! Over 100 pictures to drool over 😀

I drafted this post since 2 weeks ago, and I can’t believe I only had time to type one line… T_T. Every night after the kids go to sleep, my brain tells me that how nice if I could do the same… so I respected my brain lolol. And in the afternoon, somehow there was ZERO time to even flip open my laptop. IKR??? Even when Junya is in school and Sakura is napping, I can’t fully relax knowing that I will be disrupted anytime. Plus there’s so much distraction… hair on the floor, toys here and there… laundry to be put away… SCARILY ADDICTIVE JAPANESE TV SHOWS….. Blogging is sort of a very holy ritual that requires lots of focus and peace haha. It’s not something you can do while entertaining a grumpy toddler who is pulling your shirt.

I see that many mommies blogger have slowed down blogging or stopped altogether. WELL NOT ME!!!!😤 So yea today I made myself promise to myself that I’ll complete this blog post!!

Ok, food now.

Abe Sushi, Roppongi

The usual! We had this as our first meal for lunch.

Junya was having a bowl of Oyako Don. I mean Ball Ball Don.



Tokyoites don’t even bother with Ichiran because it’s now like a tourist attraction. Wanna find Chinese, Malaysians and Singaporeans? Go Ichiran. Lol. I mean, there are 89782346284 other equally delicious (if not better) ramen hangouts in Tokyo, why bother with the long queue right?

Most Japanese won’t even rate Ichiran in their Top 10. But somehow it has become a comfort food for me. It’s just so… comforting haha. Especially on the first night. Plus there are sooooo many branches everywhere. And the one in Roppongi has literally no queue. Not only no queue but empty inside.

After the kids slept, I went out for my first night supper ritual as usual. Alone. That’s probably why I can never live without Ichiran in Tokyo.


Dominique Ansel Tokyo

So happened Pxdkitty Rachell was in Tokyo at the same time, so on the second day we had a gourmet date in Omotesando! Her Tokyo mission was… can you believe it? An angmoh bakery lol. But give her fiery passion in baking, I can understand why.

My New York mission might as well also be finding American Gotochi Kitty version lolol.

So yea this was our first stop!

The apparently world-popular grilled marshmallow on a twig?! And some milk in cookie cone thingie. And juice.

Junya insisted having a green macaron. His favorite color now is green.

This Rachell was smiling like she has just discovered a gold mine.

I think the pastries are nice, but I’m really not a sweet person (taste wise, not personality ok), so I’m not the best judge. Everything was too sweet for me😂.


Happy Pancake

After all the appetizers (lol) we were going for dessert at Happy Pancakes, which was just a block away from 76CAFE.

Wa I’ve never tasted pancakes soooooo fluffy before!!! I actually won’t even call it pancake, it’s literally just naked souffle.

Junya spent the whole time poking naked souffle.



After appetizer and dessert, of course we walked over to 76CAFE for real food omg. I’ve had like a week’s worth of sweet stuff lol. I NEED SAVORY!!!

First I also need to bury my lips into some bouncy cheeks.

76CAFE now has ramen!!!

And is also now fully non-smoking. Welcome, all the family with kids!!!


I love the basement because it’s always very quiet <3

First time having Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen in 76CAFE! Super rich and flavorful!

Maze Soba (soupless noodles).  So special with a mix of different flavors, a tad of spicy, a hint of tanginess… Love this!!


This Rachell super spoils Junya by spending $50 on a UFO catcher to get a Charmander for him, and then letting him play with all her things including cameras!!

You see you see. Now he thinks he is full time photographer.

You see you see you see.

And Sakura was waiting to eat.

Still playing.

OMG he thought he was photographer then the next day he quit cuz he thought he is now a super model lolol. He was choosing the backdrops and posing and conducting the whole photoshoot… 😂


You think street magazine isit.

Even this background was chosen by him lol.

Sakura was like… yeap, got better things to do!


Nishimura Fruit Parlor

This atas fruit shop in Shibuya has a sweets cafe upstairs, and I did this just for Rachell haha.

I ordered a seasonal parfait which was the most expensive thing in the menu. My plate was special ok. It’s gold and even the fork is gold.

The danna had crepe.

This peach cost like 2000 yen. It’s sweet and soft until…

This is peach shaved ice, where a less expensive peach is used. This one is slightly sour and I actually loved this peach more!!


Singapore Bak Kut Teh

I blogged about this before but you probably think srsly, go to Tokyo eat BKT?

But actually there were a few readers who went after seeing my post and they told me they liked it!!

And you know what’s funny? I had craving for Singapore Bak Kut Teh. Not the one in SG but this one. That’s why I came back here again haha. It was opened by a Japanese friend who stayed in SG many years before.

Ok you probably won’t waste time eating something that comes from your hometown in Tokyo, but let’s put it this way: don’t think of it as BKT. Change your mindset a bit, and think of it as, hmmm, as Tonkotsu based wantan mee with… pai kut and you tiao. lolol.

This is their “mee suah”. But the texture is much more similar to that of Hong Kong wantan mee.

This is the BKT soup!! It’s neither peppery and light like the SG version nor heavily herbal like the Klang version. It is… Tokyo version. That’s why I can’t even compare. It’s a different kind of food and I loved it.

Actually I hope they make a U turn and open in SG as “Tokyo Bak Kut Teh” instead lol. I think it will be a hit. 😀

Junya likes the noodles.

Congrats Chisato. Apparently it got really famous after some Japanese celebrity went for  gourmet TV filming there.

Went for a walk with cheesiepetit.

Now that Sakura can walk, this is how my life is. My arms being tugged and pulled at different directions, allll the time.


Cozy Corner

After BKT, we went to a Cozy Corner (name of shop. Yes.) for tea.

Peach again!!! This seasonal thing is getting a bit too in-your-face lol.

Peach tart. Haha.


Ore No French/Italian, Aoyama

I have reviewed this before on Instagram during our trip to Osaka. So this “Ore No” chain restaurant, is a casual French/Italian dining (and they have many more genre too such as yakitori and steak). The concept is to provide really damn affordable “atas food” that’s just as delicious as those you have to book many months in advance for, but in a super casual bar-style dining atmosphere.

Come to think of it, I mean, unless you want to propose to your girl friend, this concept is perfect. We get to eat atas food, yet get to bring our hyperactive young kids along as the setting is quite relaxed. Oh, and YET don’t need to break our bank.

I’m so thankful.

Papa feeding Junya Ajillo.

A while ago I mentioned on my Instagram that some restaurants in Japan turn kids away because they were causing trouble/damage to the shop and other customers.

Well I’m really just so thankful that there are endless of choices in Tokyo!!

Everybody happy!!!!

Anyway back to the food.

Just to show you how crazy affordable the food is.

Appetizer starts from 380 ($5), including foie gras white mousse.

Pizza starting from 580 yen ($7).

Pasta starting from 780 yen ($9). And it’s not even some lame pasta, the 780 one is Crab Pasta in Cream Tomato Sauce and the 980 yen one was Truffle Risotto…?!?!!?


I really really really don’t get it when people say Tokyo food is expensive! Omg where have they been????

Sea Urchin Cream pasta. Ahhhhh.

This entire trip I’ve been overdosing on sea urchin because it’s in season now, and so, so fresh omg.

This dish is 1180 yen ($15). I think you go to Japanese restaurant in SG order one piece of uni sushi already $15 lol.

The danna’s red wine roast beef, 1680 yen ($21).

This. Is the restaurant’s signature dish = super tender steak with a huge chunk of foie gras. Guess how much??

1980 yen. $24.



Kakura Curry Shop

Miyabi brought me to her favorite herbal curry shop, which is now really popular as it has been featured on TV and visited by celebrities etc. I also want to have this celebrity power lol.

The pricing is a little high for a curry place but considering that each dishes is specially created by a careful blend of herbs and spices, it is said to have lots of health benefits and healing effects for the body!

Omg this salad was just SO GOOD. I don’t know what secret ingredient they used in the dressing, but the garlic fragrance itself won me over. I LOVE garlic.

This is the trio-curry. I was so greedy so I added everything – assorted fried vegetables and chicken!

This broccoli tempura was so good T_T. I think anyone in this world who hates broccoli have no problem eating this.


Date with RinRin at Roppongi Hills

I can’t even remember the restaurant name. Food was mediocre at Roppongi price. We went there only because the restaurant is child-friendly.

But it was RinRin’s birthday and my last few days in Tokyo so I just had to see her!

Non-naked souffle hahaha.

Basil Omelete?


Manten Horumonyaki

I blogged about Manten once, and actually I was very hesitant because it is already quite hard to book that place, and if it gets any more famous then we would be soooooo disaapointed to not be able to eat there.

But then I was laughing at myself – who did I think I was??? God?? Celeb??? Nope 😂. I no have such power so it’s ok! PLUS, no many people I know has eaten cow insides before or even consider eating… So I don’t think anyone will rush to this restaurant after seeing this post 😂.

So here’s the danna’s mostest favorite restaurant in Tokyo, so much that every single NALU dinner was held here, it’s almost like our secret cult club hangout.

Ah not this one. Next one.

This is cow tribes ? I think? It is the most. freaking. delicious. Senmai. I’ve eaten omg.

Anchovy onigiri. The only thing that the kids can eat haha.

Sunada san’s daughter was the special guest that day! The last time I saw her, she was Sakura’s age T___T. And Junya was still inside my tummy T___T.

Dinner was always late cuz we had to wait for all hardworking NALU staff to finish their work. Both cheesiepetits start to get sleepy half way through dinner.

Motsu ni. Very good.

Iijima san is the main person-in-charge of the BBQ lol. He does a perfect job grilling those cow morsels into divine happiness for the tastebuds.

Btw, in case you are curious, here’s a picture of the food before they get on the grill, just to put you off:

Yeap they all come from inside a cow. Some are the digestive parts, some from the womb, etc, I don’t even know/care. Now you don’t even wanna read anymore. Awesome. ^^

Lastly we always end the meal with cold somen. It’s the perfect refreshing end to the meal. No matter how full I get I had to order this.

And then celebrate papa’s belated birthday. Of course it was also Junya’s birthday, as always. Haha.



You know? I am starting to feel like I am outdoing myself to live the perfect life in Tokyo. Each time I thought it could never get more perfect than this THEN IT DOES. This is so scary.

So, one of my #Tokyolife woes is that it’s hard to dine out lugging two cheesiepetits along, when I am all alone (while the danna works). Usually I’ll resort to combini or just put together some really crap (by crap I mean relatively crappier, but still good HAHAH) food over the mini stove and call it a day.

But recently I have discovered that I could… order food delivery. (I mean you always could do that since years ago but usually over the phone or internet, you so need to speak Japanese or read. But now there are so many food delivery service apps!!!)

And it was like I just opened a door to a whole new world Japan (Japan is better than world) omg.


Omg it was a solution from heaven/Japan. (Japan equals heaven).

I mean, ok let’s just stretch your imagination. What’s the most lavish meal to have? Let’s say truffles and foie gras, ok, two of world’s most luxurious food. Can you eat it without stepping outside your house, preferably in your milk-stained pajamas?


This is insane.

Truffle TKG. Mine.

Foie Gras rice bowl. Mine.

Sigh Japan, please don’t be more perfect. I cannot take it.

But actually it wasn’t that perfect la cuz after eating those it only made me hungrier lol.

So I ordered Taiwanese right after. Usually truffle and foie gras are appetizer ma.

Fried chicken, smelly tofu, vinegar black fungus, Lu Rou Fan, oyster mee suah… this time more 平民 a bit ok hahaha.

The next day I was back to going all out. I mean, since I’m in Japan, may as well spend all my money here!!!!


Haha that was really what I thought ok.

Then another day I ordered Lobster Roll. Don’t even need to queue.

This was I think 1400++ yen? I feel that it’s super cheap since there’s probably like a WHOLE lobster in it!!! Minus all the mafan de-shelling!!!


Cheat One™ Cooking

If I continue to stay in Tokyo I’m gonna turn into a lazy pool of goo. Life is too convenient.

As I was obsessed with uni, I bought this frozen Uni Rice from Tohoku before returning to Tokyo.

Looks like this when frozen.

So I created my own recipe by mixing this pack of Scallop Ochazuke with the rice. Double the luxury.

Defrost using microwave, pour Ochazuke dashi over.

Pour hot water.

Done. Am I genius. Hahhahaha.



I don’t even want to try to be a Japanese wife anymore. If my #pokewife level is 28, their level is 28².

So I was watching tv one day and one program was showing the life of wives of pro Japanese baseball players, of how they have supported their husbands throughout their successful career.

So this wife in Tokyo, who is 10 years older than her husband, is taking care of her son and her husband who is living separately in Sendai.

Her day starts 4:30AM.

Guess what she did?

After preparing breakfast and sending her kid to school, she goes back, cook again and…

travel from Tokyo to Sendai to cook for her husband…

while her husband is away from work.

Do you know how far Sendai is from Tokyo? Over 360KM. That’s further than from KL to SG. (although by Shinkansen it’s just an hour and a half).

Here’s her daily schedule:

4:30 Wake up
5:00 Prepare breakfast
8:00 Cook bento for husband
12:00 Leave house for Tokyo station
12:30 Travel to Sendai by Shinkansen
14:00 Reach Sendai station
15:00 Prepare dinner for husband
16:30 Finish cooking
17:00 Return to Tokyo by shinkansen
19:10 Reach home
19:30 Prepare dinner for son
20:30 Text her husband about his dinner menu.


And she did all these… without even getting a chance to meet her husband at all (he was at training). If I were to do all these I at least expect to get a cuddle T_T. IS SHE A SAINT????

She places all the pre-cook dinner in his fridge…

Clean his room…

Husband comes back from training and eat her dinner, made with true love.

(You may watch the whole episode here:)

I was just… speechless.

If I am her husband I will really love and be thankful for life. T___T.