This is a series from our recent Familymoon trip to Japan.

Yes, Familymoon. ^^ The danna and I went on our honeymoon in 2013. Since I gave birth to Junya in 2014, traveling has changed forever. Going on a trip with a baby/a toddler/two kids is completely different in every single way. Sometimes I do wish that we could travel like we were still childless. But leaving the kids behind is also an impossible option.

So… we had a Familymoon. We decided that comfort and unique experience was the focus of this trip. We stayed in more unique and spacious accommodations, and challenged new things that we have not tried before. I spent a big part of my savings on this trip, happily so. Just take all my money, Japan!!!!

Here’s the first installment – photos taken from the window of our accommodations.


1.Roppongi, Tokyo

Absolutely my favorite view.

Actually, a combination of two of my favorite views – my sleeping baby, and Tokyo Tower.

Night view. I have this inexplicable infatuation for Tokyo Tower. Perhaps it is all the drama I have watched during my teenage years. Tokyo Tower is just incredibly romantic.


2.Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture

Super spacious ryokan with tatami.

Overlooking the red Kaiomon Bridge that crosses Nakagawa river.


3.Nagasaki city, Nagasaki Prefecture

It would be a waste not to stay in a room that offers a “million-dollar-night-view”.

This. Is Nagasaki.


4. Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture

A rare experience in a modern western-style hotel room with pool & sea view. The danna checking the waves for the next day’s surf.

Are you a pool or sea person?


5. Misawa, Aomori Prefecture

On top of the mountain with a therapeutic view of lush green.

It fits the name of Aomori, 青森, perfectly.



6. Hakodate, Hokkaido

Hakodate, of course, is also all about the sea. And seafood.

A private onsen with a sea view, in the comfort of your own room is the ultimate experience.


7. Asamushi, Aomori Prefecture

Back at Aomori in a newly renovated modern Washitsu – Japanese tatami room.

The most surreal view from the window – a mini island in the middle of the sea.


That’s all for this post! Hopefully I get to elaborate on each of the destinations when I have more time.