I know, I know… I can’t even remember the last time I did a make-up post. It’s been too long. It’s definitely before my pregnancy T_T. Many of you told me you missed it, and here’s one! 😀

In recent years, my make-up style have changed, where simplicity and time-efficiency is the most important keys.

And I am very happy that I am able to recommend to you today, THREE Cosmetics, a skincare and make-up brand from Japan (spark-joy!!) that emphasizes on holistic care and effortlessness, which perfectly suits my lifestyle.



I have seen many international make up bloggers rave about THREE, and some of my personal friends from Malaysia have also become fans since the counter in KL opened a couple of years ago, now THREE is finally in Singapore!

They have just opened their first ever store on the 4th floor of Tang Plaza, and I was very honored to be invited to the store opening party.

Thank you, the kind people in THREE for inviting Sakura too. I will make sure I teach her the proper way to do make up hahaha.

Thank you!

Beautiful, vivid make up colors to lust over…

I have tried their Balancing skin care range too and am totally in love. The use of essential oils really does give the whole homecare experience a spa-like feel, calming the mind and soul.

There are also limited edition sets and promotion going on, please don’t miss it out!

This is the THREE Starter Kit, consisting of their best selling items, is all that you need to start your holistic care at home! I also think that it is perfect for travel ^^

Consisting of:
1. Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation – A foundation that serves as your second skincare.
2. Balancing Cleansing Oil – a cleansing oil that removes makeup and excess sebum from your face.
3. Balancing Foam – a cleansing foam that easily foams gentle to your skin.


As for this blog post, I will be focusing on creating the daily look in the simplest, fuss-free steps, and also a glammed-up look for that special occasion with just a few extra touches.

These are my essentials now, and I will be introducing the products I use one by one.

Here’s a comparison of the make up looks:


Completing with hair and outfit:

Just a few different products can make a totally different impression, whether soft and feminine or edgy with a strong impact.



For base make up, I am using the THREE Ultimate Protective Pristine Primer and THREE Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation, honestly one of my favorite ever.

The texture is very much like a regular moisturizer, it spreads smoothly over and is ever so light you could barely feel anything!



Let’s start the Day Look. The ultimate goal is to look fresh and natural for even the most ordinary day!

Here I am using only 4 make up products in total when the base make up is done (foundation + eyebrow).

THREE Whisper Gloss For Eye 04

This is a magic product, I’m not kidding. Honestly I don’t even use make up brushes nowadays because finding 5 minutes to do make up is already a luxury for me, so this Whisper Gloss eye shadow comes as the perfect savior for giving my eyes a dash of natural colors.

“A glossy veil whispers softly over the eyelids.” True to its promises, I find this so incredibly easy to use! I own lots of eye palettes usually with 3 or 4 different shades, but I am surprised that even with just one single color, this dewy gloss creates  a soft radiance and dimensional depth to the eyes!

Simply glide it over your eyelids and smooth it out with the warmth of your finger. No brushes whatsoever needed.


THREE Epic Mini Dash 02

“Whipped airy gel cheek tint for creating a radiant smile.” I’m all for cheeks. I just love delicate colors that gives that healthy, vibrant feel to uplift one’s energy.

Just dab a small amount on cheek and gently rub until it creates a soft, airy tint on your cheek like you have just blushed.

Love how natural it looks!


THREE Shimmering Lip Jam 22

A lip jam is all you need for the lips.

it’s juicy and rich, even without first applying lip color, the lip jam alone is enough to give a long-lasting, luscious shine to your lips!

THREE Mesmerizing Performance Eyeliner Pencil 08

The last step is eyeliner. I always keep this step last as eyeliners make the biggest impact on the whole look, so I want to make sure it matches the rest of the make up without being overdone.

It glides over ever-so-smoothly I was amazed. I usually am not a fan of pencil liner because most of the time you are required to apply some pressure on the lids, which I think is part of the reasons why we develop eye wrinkles, but this cream-gel like pencil really does make drawing eyelines quite effortless!

I also especially love how the brush attached to the end helps smudge the end of the eyeline to create a very natural and soft finish to the eye.

And the day look is all done!

The whole look takes less than 5 minutes, I promise. The more I use the products, the more familiar and efficient I become and my make up routine is done in just a snap.



We all want to look extra nice on that special day, be it for an event, your anniversary or a romantic date night.

For this look, I am actually using the exact same steps, only with different products.


THREE Whisper Gloss For Eye 07

I was trying to give a hint of autumn colors to the look, so I picked an earthy brown tone for eye color.

I added it on top of the day make up to give the colors a bit more depth.

Blends just perfectly!


THREE Epic Mini Dash 07

For cheeks, I’m adding a tad more color to the natural pink I already had on for a more defined, sophisticated look.

This shade may look shockingly dark for cheek, but if you just use a very tiny bit and soften it out, it could give a more contoured look overall.

Miraculously blends into the skin as if the color comes from within!

The best thing about the Epic Mini Dash is that it could also be use on the lips for a soft matte finish! So I applied a layer for a more alluring, glammed-up feel.

THREE Captivating Performance Fluid Eyeliner 02

I am going to darken the eye line with this liquid eyeliner for a sharper, more captivating gaze.

Since liquid-lining is very precise, you can adjust the liquid flow to apply the eyeliner boldly and elaborately as you like

And the make up for glammed-up look is done!

And that’s all for today’s make up review!

Overall, I love how easy it is to use the products especially with their innovative texture that even first-timer could handle with ease.

You may visit THREE Singapore’s Facebook Page for more info! 🙂

Store Address:

Level 4, TANGS at Tang Plaza, 320 Orchard Rd, Singapore