No matter how many times I come to this city doing the same things, I never get tired of it.

Just look at this. How could I ever?

Nagasaki is one of my favorite cities in Japan (and I have visited soooo many!), because you will just fall in love before you even realize, and of course, it is extra special because this humble little city holds all my danna’s childhood memories.

We were back to Nagasaki to visit his family this past summer, and the hotel/ryokan that we booked this time was the most amazing, family-friendly hotel I’ve ever stayed in.

So in this blog post I’m gonna recommend this ryokan for all of you who are thinking of visiting Nagasaki. If not, I hope this would give you an extra reason to want to visit the beautiful city with a million dollar night view!

From Tokyo

Unfortunately Nagasaki is really too far for us to be able to visit it on a whim. It takes 2 hours by flight from Tokyo. But if you are doing a Kyushu tour, you really won’t want to miss it out other than the popular Kumamoto, Oita and Fukuoka.

Adventure from Tokyo!

While waiting for our taxi to airport, we spotted a trolley-ful of nursery children in pink hats. Is that how they do their outings? It’s toooo cute!!!

At Haneda airport. Sakura juuuust only started to walk so oniichan was kind enough to hold his sister’s hand.

And gets a small reward – buying his own Anpanman juice.

Play area while waiting for our flight.

His favorite airline (brainwashed by me. HAHAHA).

“Let’s Go to Kyushu!”



Oedo Onsen Monogatari Nagaski Hotei Seifu

What a long name for a ryokan! The local usually just calls it “Seifu” (清風). We picked this place because the tatami room looked really spacious for young children, and it has a breathtaking night view from the hill top, and of course, what we couldn’t compromise was our favorite onsen bath house, which it is famous for.

I think this hotel might have just recently been renovated, because the lobby was super spacious and looked brand new, complete with a souvenir shop you can spend your free time at.

Its mix of modern and traditional ambiance makes it a perfect choice for almost everyone – you can pick the 和室 (Japanese tatami room) or a 和洋室 (Japanese-style room with beds).


One thing I love about Japanese ryokan – everyone changes into a yukata and it just feels really much like a village vacation. And this ryokan provides some of the prettiest yukata I’ve seen!

Usually the ryokan will provide a set of yukata in your own room, and most of the time it is a plain color like grey or dark blue. But here you get to choose from different colors and a variety of pretty prints!

I have seen some ryokan which provides children yukata but usuall they are for primary school students and above. This is the first time I see a yukata as tiny as 100cm!! Which means both cheesiepetits get to wear this time ^^

Our Japanese-style room

We picked 和室 because you already know how much I love tatami. Sakura just started walking so I felt really safe knowing that she won’t trip over and hurt herself or fall off the bed.

View from our room.

It gets more spectacular as the sun sets and the night sky slowly taking over.

Sakura changed into her 100cm Yukata. It’s a little big but she worked it! Haha.

Like a little ancient princess ^^

Mama wanted to act youthful so she picked a pastel floral print lolol.

Two ancient princesses ok. Haahaha.

The only photo I had with my price as he was exploring non-stop around the room.

Going for dinner!


Dinner Buffet

This ryokan won’t stop impressing me.

The dinner buffet was nothing short of extravagant, with their La Creuset cookwares lining up to serve their prestigious guests and too much, way too much food to feed even a glutton.

A whole table of salad bar complete with fresh greens, seafood and choice of protein.

Boats and boats of fresh sashimi…

Only these alone is like 值回票价 liao ok.

Ika sushi.

There are many many manyyyyy moreeeeee, appetisers, Chinese dishes, Japanese dishes, signature specialties (Champon Noodle!)…

I had to be very careful with not going too greedy because I don’t want to waste food!!

I remember that the fried fish cake and Mabo-tofu being particularly delicious that I refilled a few times.


Ok so here comes the best part. If you are a mother, you already know all the dining out struggles. This hotel is trying its best to make the dining experience super for all its guests with young children. Omotenashi maximum.

To begin with, the children’s tableware are very cute. Other than this Peanuts platter, they have small plastic cups and bowls and cutleries for little hands.

The plastic cups are Miffy’s, and you know what’s better than Miffy?

The silicone mug cover. It is spill-proof and it’s going to save your life, multiple times during a short dinner.


Are you kidding me???

A whole cupboardful of rinyushoku menu (baby food) of different age stages to ease your solid-starting journey! Just let the staff know the number of the baby food of your choice and they will get it for you.

The adults can have their amazing dinner, and the little ones won’t be missing out either.

Sakura is having her Tuna, Root vegetables and Hijiki porridge (for 12 months and above).

Of course she is also enjoying table food ^^

Wei wei wei, excuse me, you think ancient princess can sit like that???

By the way the chawanmushi was both cheesiepetits’ favorite.

It was a very, very good dinner experience.


Everyone slept soundly that night. Futon is love!


Breakfast Buffet

The dinner was lavish, so I had quite high expectation of the breakfast spread. It didn’t disappoint at all.

I had like 3 bowls of asari (clams). Fried fish cake again, and the simmered daikon omg…. Miso soup was belly-warming.

I think he’s the most Japanese in our family because his favorite was miso soup haha.

French toast that he didn’t eat so ended up in my tummy.

I wanttttttt this mug cover!!

The danna’s Greedy Neba Neba Don hahaha. Mixed sashimi with shirasu, okra and tororo topping.



The best part? Their natural hot spring bath.

Here’s a photo from the official website. (Obviously I couldn’t take photos inside the public bath.)

A panoramic view of one of the Top 3 World’s Best Night View.

If you love your Marina Bay Sands infinity pool, try the onsen in Nagasaki Hotel Seifu.

That’s all for today. I hope more people will give it a chance to visit Nagasaki because it will make me (and the danna, and everyone in Nagasaki) very happy!