I started using MamyPoko Air Fit (by “I” I mean Sakura, haha) since June last year, so it has been more than half a year now. I think I have touched and changed and disposed enough MamyPoko diapers right now to be able to pass a fair comment on the quality.

My only choice had always been made-in-Japan diapers. Before using MamyPoko Air Fit, I honestly thought all the Japan-made diapers are equally good in quality, because they were all far more superior than any other diapers I have used before. I didn’t mind any of them.

But after discovering all the secrets of MamyPoko Air Fit, I have come to realized that MamyPoko Air Fit is the best of the best among all other Japan-made diapers.

For those who may be in doubt, today I’m going to share a little about why MamyPoko is the no.1 diaper manufacturer in Japan with the largest market share (meaning it is loved and trusted by most mothers in Japan!!), and has won the “No. 1 Mom’s Preferred Choice in Japan” award for 3 consecutive years too!

So, a little bit of background story about MamyPoko. I really love to hear the history behind a brand I support, sometimes you find astonishing secrets and amazing inspirations in these stories (for example the story of Yakult).

During my trip back to KL last month, I met Yamamoto San, the managing director of Unicharm Malaysia to find out all the stories behind MamyPoko.

Did you know that MamyPoko diapers were invented after extensive research in science and technology just for mommies and baby’s happiness? There’s so much love in a diaper!


What makes MamyPoko different?

Sure, other Japan-made diapers are very high in quality. But what makes MamyPoko stand out from the rest, is the history of the company it is from.

MamyPoko was launched in 1981 under Unicharm, a Japanese company that manufactures disposable hygiene products. What!! I was an 80’s baby and I think disposable diaper did not even exist yet. At least not for my mom. Poor mom who had to change my soiled cloth diaper for years haha. And so MamyPoko was introduced in Malaysia in 2000. Yay!

Did you know, Unicharm was the first company to produce pants-type diaper in the world!! And MamyPoko is also the first brand that introduced pants diaper to Malaysian market in year 2002. What a massively life-changing innovation! Can you mommies imagine changing tape-diapers for an overactive toddler? Disaster. Haha.


While the parent companies of other diaper brands manufacture a vast varieties of household products, Unicharm specializes in disposable hygiene products. In fact, Unicharm’s roots traces back to the founder where his family operated a paper manufacturing business in Shikoku decades ago.

I’m sure all you ladies know about Sofy, the very loved and popular sanitary napkins? Yes that’s under Unicharm! And have you seen this Silcot facial cotton before?

(top right)

It’s like the best selling cotton pad in Japan and I looove it. Every time I go back to Japan I will grab like 5 boxes to bring home hahaha kiasu. By the way Unicharm also manufactures adult diapers and pet toiletries.

Yes!! This makes Unicharm the expert of manufacturing the best diapers with its long history in research and technology development.

By the way, in case you are wondering why the diaper is exactly the same as Moony in Japan, this is because Moony Air Fit diapers is exactly the same diaper sold in Japan, except that it is re-packaged as MamyPoko Air Fit here. Moony Air Fit is the most premium diaper sold in Japan under Unicharm too!


So let us move on to the secrets of MamyPoko now.

Secret 1: Making Baby Happy

One of the things I love most about MamyPoko Air Fit is its silk-like softness inside out. I asked Yamamoto san what is their secret of this unrivalled softness.

What I found out was very unexpected. So I thought they probably got many mothers to vote for the best material, or something like that, since babies can’t express themselves, right?

Apparently they made the babies talk.


He told me that the research team was using a “neuro technology” to measure the babies’ feeling by the change in cerebral blood flow in the brain. When more comfortable the babies feel, the higher the blood flow is. By testing different materials, they found the Air Silky Material in MamyPoko Air Fit makes the babies’ blood flow 6 times larger.

I was quite touched by this. This is really #JapanQuality, going the extra mile to always make things better and better.


Secret 2: The Underwear

I have used other diapers with leak-prevention designs, but they usually end up a little too tight, leaving the marks on the kids’ bodies especially around the waist. But MamyPoko leaves no mark at all!! How did this magic happen??

Yamamoto San told me that MamyPoko tried to make a diaper that is the same as an underwear. Traditionally diapers were tightened with rubber band to avoid leakage, but that also means tightness all around. In order to improve on this, the MamyPoko team actually went to many underwear manufacturers to research on the designs to mimic the perfect fit. They found out that by using different materials for the tummy side and bottom side, it makes it a lot more comfortable for the baby in the diaper while they move in any direction!


The new Air Fit design has super soft double leg gathers, a patented design by MamyPoko that stretches while the baby moves while fitting her perfectly.

Secret 3: World’s first 3-Dimension Design

In November last year, Sakura caught stomach flu from her school and had really bad diarrhoea for one whole week. To my surprise, she had not experienced any leakage at all!! How did MamyPoko achieved this sense of safety for all mommies?

Yamamoto san explains that the secret lies in its 3-Dimension design, yet another patent by MamyPoko.


As you know, babies from newborn to toddler age, have different C curve on the spine. Air Fit is designed based on the curves of the babies to have the diapers fit the different stages of infancy perfectly like a pair of underwear.

All these snuggly fit provides minimal gap and thus prevent leakage from happening.


So these are all the amazing extra effort that MamyPoko put in to make sure that both babies and mommies get the best out of its products.

By the way, other than Air Fit, the most premium range, MamyPoko has many other ranges of diapers!

MamyPoko Extra Dry Skin Pants

For a limited time it comes in super cute TsumTsum design! 😀

Tsum Tsum Sakura.


Seasonal Limited Edition

I love all the Japan-imported limited edition!!

Now matching-panties woe is solved even for babies hahaha.


MamyPoko Disney Mickey Pants

I bought the Japan-imported MamyPoko Disney Mickey Pants for our trip to Japan because it is genderless haha. Junya can also wear it for his night sleep :P.