The more I get out of the city, the more I develop a longing to try living in the suburbs.

I recently just finished reading the best-seller – Ikigai, the Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life. The book introduces the island of Okinawa, whose residents live longer than people anywhere else in the world. Many of them lived as long as over 110 years old.

A healthy diet, a simple life in the outdoors, lots and lots of green tea and shikuwasa, and one that I yearn the most – clean air. You have probably heard me say somewhere before that I want to “retire” (by the way Japanese people never retire. A lot of these longest-living people work until the day they die, and believe it or not that’s what help them to live that long!) in a small village in Japan planting daikon haha.

But the reality is, I need my dosage of city life. Right now, all I need are instant meals from the combini, household hacks that will cut my cleaning time by half, 5G internet, good air purifier and… lots of Owarai variety shows to de-stress.

But the price to pay for this modern-day living… I could really feel it. The moment I returned from our 2-month holidays mostly in suburb Japan back to KL and Singapore, my dreadful sinus immediately came back again.

And since I (and many of you reading this) can’t escape this urban dwelling lifestyle, we can only rely on modern technology to counter all the stress-inducing factors and external threats, such as air pollutants, pollen, dust and dirt that will weaken our body’s natural defence. It feels like a never ending battle haha. Now I’m also trying to focus more on a healthier homecook diet, more light exercises and good body care.

I have introduced THREE Cosmetics , a holistic skin care and cosmetics brand from Japan in my blog last year. I reviewed their make up products earlier, and this time around I would like to introduce their new skin care line, THREE Line, formulated with a luxurious blend of organic essential oils and botanical ingredients, and specially developed to enhance overall skin and body immunity against all the environmental and lifestyle stressors we face today.

Thank you, THREE Singapore, for the most gorgeously and thoughtfully put together skincare gift ever.

Junya helped me unbox it.

I love how each little item provides a useful tip for de-stressing and relaxing.

The calming scent of lavender.

Low maintenance and adorable, it’s nice to add a little green in our home.

Pray that the haze never comes back again.

Did you know that laurel leaf and bay leaf are the same? The leafy spice you use in your stew actually has superb healing effects!

Reading up all the amazing ingredients found in THREE Line.


The Line-Up

There are a total of 5 products in this range. I’ll introduce one by one.

The first time I used THREE’s product (balancing series) last year, I was pleasantly surprised at how different it is from many other skin care I have tried before. I could understand now what THREE means when they says that they consider mind, body and skin together as a whole. Because whenever I use the products, whether removing my make up or putting on lotion, it gives me a spa-like feeling, and I feel so completely relaxed.

I think it is the scent of essential oils, which plays such a huge role in giving me that sense of relaxation. To be honest I was quite against any fragrance in my skin care, so usually I only use fragrance-free products and thought that the less smell it has, the purer it must be. But THREE has changed my mind completely, I didn’t know that the scent in a bottle can bring so much calming effect into your skin care routine.

It is reassuring to know that as a holistic brand, THREE does not use any artificial fragrance or coloring, and of course no paraben either. They make full use of raw ingredients, using essential oils in their whole form instead of using extracted aroma components. So what I’m sniffing all these time is really pure essential oils that’s healing to the mind!

Taking particular note on their quality, THREE uses Japanese ingredients as much as possible. They use and incorporate ingredients sourced in Japan so that they can see with their own eyes how and by whom they were grown. THREE also uses ingredients that conform to organic certification standards whenever possible. So you can be sure that every drop of essence is carefully and responsibly made to care for you.

Here’s my THREE Line routine:

THREE Cleansing Oil

If I have make up on, I will first remove it with the Cleansing Oil, which contains 98% naturally derived ingredients such as the highly nourishing Sapote Butter. It removes accumulated impurities such as makeup, excess keratin and air pollutants and brings back the skin’s innate glow and clarity.

I love to pour a few pumps on my palms, put it close to my face and inhale deeply before applying and massaging onto face. I really love the whiff of invigorating botanical goodness!

Sometimes it is not until I’m using THREE that I realize that I haven’t breathed properly for the entire day. Now I know why it always felt like spa-time, because you are always told to breathe deeply during spa, right? I’m really glad that this skin care routine has helped me find some peaceful time after a whole day of chaos.

THREE Clearing Foam

The new packaging really sparks lots of joy too. The bottles and tubes come in cute triangle shape, and simply blends into my minimalistic dressing table. This is an anti-inflammatory facial wash that thoroughly washes away impurities in a rich and fluffy lather.

 THREE Treatment Lotion

All the products smell so good that I am really enjoying every step of the skin care routine even though there are quite a few products to go through. It’s true pampering time for your mind and body.

This rich lotion guards against dryness and damage caused by UV rays when we go out in day time. It contains watermelon and eggplant fruit extract to boost skin’s moisture-retaining ability.

THREE Treatment Emulsion

A light, fluid emulsion that soothes weakened skin.

I love using this in the morning as it’s not at all heavy for make up afterwards.

THREE Treatment Cream

Made of 99% naturally derived ingredients, this cream is luxuriously smooth and rich in antioxidant to support skin against environmental stress.

(Haha Sakura hijacking my pampering time)

The active ingredients in this cream also helps raise immunity of our fragile skin. Again, I have to comment that the scent is gorgeous and I’m happy to go to bed smelling this good and feeling completely winded down.

This is my Me-Time, a little daily luxury to keep the next day (and my skin) looking bright. The THREE Line is also now available at all THREE stores and boutiques in Singapore.

You can find out more from THREE’s website, they have full information on each product and even massage tips!  Follow them on Facebook too for all the latest updates. ^^