It’s 2019! Here’s a little recount of events of my journey with Cheesiepetit of the entire year of 2018. I spent one whole day scrolling through the photos feeling all nostalgic. They have grown so much in just one year! (Take note of Junya and Sakura’s hair hahaha.) Also, can you believe it? I have over 50,000 photos and videos stored in my phone!!

This post is also about Cheesiepetit’s journey with MamyPoko, without which I wouldn’t have such a smooth-sailing year when it comes to all things diaper related, since we traveled almost every single month!

Here goes!


Exactly one year ago, check out how tiny Sakura was! She looks still like a baby especially with that onsie!

Her first molar also erupted on 8 January ^^

Diaper size also upgraded from M to L! ^^

That was the special MamyPoko Tsum Tsum edition for Extra Dry Skin Pants!



I remember February to be a really busy month. I was solo-parenting most of the month, basically just spent the whole day cooking 3 meals haha. It was also CNY time!

I also remember Sakura being very emo. Every time I said no to something she wanted but cannot have, she would go hide at a corner and sulk. This is her trying to squeeze between the gap of the cabinet and fridge unsuccessfully.



In March we had a two-week family trip to Gold Coast, Australia! That’s me packing for Cheesiepetit. I picked MamyPoko Air Fit pants for the trip as it is really the longest-lasting, comfiest diapers best made for traveling! I managed to fit 2 weeks worth of diapers for both kids into the luggage with no problem as it’s really soft and light!

Love the Gold Coast weather in March. Cooling, but not chilly.

We had lots of sunshines, beach and sea!



April is my favorite month of the year. Because cherry-blossom! We were back to Japan for a long holiday, and we caught cherry blossom just in time.

Sakura and everything sakura! Hanami dango, sakura cookies and senbei, sakura mochi. ^^

We also traveled to Tohoku area which was extra cold. Sakura was wearing a really cute onesie from GAP (which was actually a Junya’s hand-me-down) but it was a huge mistake. Guess why?

The buttons. Ahhhhh. Imagine having to change her diaper!!! No more GAP onsies, guys.

This was Nyuto Onsen in Akita prefecture. There was lots of snow!

The kids were all wrapped up in many layers (heat tech, sweater, leggings, down jackets), changing diaper is also a hassle. I remember those days I only changed Sakura’s diaper once because it’s too cold! By the end of the day her diaper would be super heavy, but no leakage thanks to MamyPoko’s super absorbency!



We returned to Singapore’s super hot and humid weather from snowy land. Check out that amount of sweat!!! Sakura sweats really, really a lot. Her pillow and the bed sheet will have a big wet patch even when aircon is on and she sleeps topless. I let her wear MamyPoko Extra Dry Skin which absorbs sweat super quick and keep bacteria at bay and we avoided diaper rash.

On 11th, Sakura turns 2 years old!!!



On 11th Junya turned 4 years old!!

We were also back to Tokyo for a short trip.

With my favorite sight of Tokyo.



July was Bali. When I think about it, we really travel a lot and have to get used to all kinds of sudden climate change and an extensive wardrobe for all weather.



August was a tough month because right after Junya recovered from his mysterious fever, Sakura has hers. She was unwell for 4 days and her fever came and go.

Cranky cranky cranky and refused to eat too T___T.

Nori was the only thing she would eat T__T.

After she recovered, it was time for another trip again. I’m making them pack their own travel bags.

Water bottle, snacks, their favorite toys, sunblock, change of diaper.

Off to Bali again!


Junya was being very helpful to help his sister change diaper. You see how she just relaxed there haha.

He’s doing a great job! Thank you Junya!



In September we were back to Tokyo. The weather had cooled down a little and it was time for sweaters again.

It was quite a challenge to keep them entertained in our tiny apartment as we didn’t bring many toys. That time Sakura was into Pokochan, and coloring. Other than that TV was my savior. Bless the Japanese entertaining kids programs!



Autumn mood!!

More diapers for our upcoming trips!

We were in Japan too. The kids love staying in ryokan with the children-friendly tatami and Sakura loves to tuck herself into the comfy futons. ^^

We went to Yamagata for fruits picking!

Also, after a long break, Junya has started his new school this month!



Sakura wasn’t schooling so I stayed with her at home most of the time while niinii went to school. I remember not having much time spent with the kids because I was swamped with work trips all of the sudden.

I took this photo to shoutout for the MamyPoko Japan Fiesta contest where the winner wins a family trip to Japan!!

It won’t be long before the kids start proper schooling and we won’t be able to travel like this anymore. Now is really the chance to enjoy enriching their early lives with different travel experiences. Japan is always a favorite. Hope whoever wins the grand prize will enjoy Japan with your little one(s)!



It’s been one whole year! Look at my little princess who grew so much compared to the first photo! This is our last vacation of the year, in fact we spent our new year here at Bali.

Junya tries pool-surfing haha.

Sakura has upgraded her diaper size from L to XL and Junya to XXL. Also Sakura’s favorite buddies now are Pokochan and Piglet.

She still enjoys being spoilt by niinii a little when it comes to diaper changing ^^


That’s all for 2018. A big thanks to MamyPoko for making our daily life and frequent travels so much easier. Hope everyone had a great new year and a fantastic 2019 ahead!