Japan has finally opened its door for international tourists after almost 3 years, and right here in Tokyo, things has resumed back to pretty much pre-pandemic, where Shibuya Scramble Crossing is as overwhelming as you see in manga, and I can hear familiar accents again at Shinkansen platforms.

It is honestly quite a bittersweet feeling, to have such relief and comfort knowing that friends and family who miss Japan can finally come back for their painfully long-waited vacation, but at the same time I’m also mourning the loss of having an empty Fushimi Inari Taisha all to myself.

(By the way this is Harajuku on New Year eve.)

Well, I’d rather share Japan with everyone! 😀

If you are sorely missing Japan too but for some reason cannot yet come back physically for travels, here’s something to sooth your aching soul.


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I hope you like this reel I made on Instagram!

Well, there you have it! ZenPop is a service provided by the parent company, ZenMarket, an online proxy shopping service.

Now ZenPop allows everyone from all over the world to enjoy a slice of Japan anytime, anywhere by offering 5 different varieties of ZenPop Boxes in subscription form, shipped directly from Japan!

I had the pleasure to review 3 of their ZenPop boxes: Ramen, Stationery & Snacks.


Japanese Ramen Box

The best moment about ZenPop, is of course, the unboxing moment. You could feel your heart racing, cheek slightly flushed… almost as if you are wondering if you would bump into your highschool crush at that road junction on the way back from tuition…


Instant ramen is a universal household staple, it’s just exhilarating waiting for the moment to discover what you will receive.

To start the year, they have the Pokemon Ramen Club for the month of February, which contains not one, not two, but THREE Pokemon themed ramen! I’d imagine this to be the cutest Ramen Box to date!

Each ZenPop Ramen Box will include at least 7 types of instant noodles from Japan, and they will come in a variety of udon, soba, yakisoba and more.


Japanese Stationery Box

I know people who would spend hours and hours at the stationery department in Japan. I know that feeling… in the end, I either end up spending too much on the same things or I bought nothing–it’s too hard to decide what to get when literally everything you see is so lovable!!

ZenPop’s Stationery Box lets you rest your faith in their good taste. You will be getting Japan-quality highlighters/pens/pencils, unique stickers, everyone’s favorite washi tapes, memo pads/letter sets, and all the novel items you cannot keep up and never knew you needed until they show up in your box!


Japanese Snack Box

Alright, calm down.

The first thing I do when I landed at Haneda or Narita Airport prior to living in Japan, was to head right to the combini. (What?! I was just gone for 3 weeks and there are new seasonal items and limited editions already?!) Also, I totally underestimate Japanese food manufacturer’s creativity. I mean… White bait soft serve and Crab Cola (seriously, it’s a thing. I saw it last week up in snowy Niigata lol)…? The sky is the limit when it comes to snack variety in Japan.

Every month, ZenPop will surprise you with all the latest snacks in town. As a company based in Osaka, this month they are showing off their hometown pride by throwing in all sorts of Osaka snacks. Meccha saiko yan!!

Your boxes will come with a postcard like this with a QR code, which when scanned, leads to the product information in multiple languages!


How to subscribe

For first timer, you can try out the one-time subscription. Of course, they also offer 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions, the longer the cheaper it becomes!

Simply pick your preferred box, subscribe and wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep!



Wait, I won’t end this post without a little appetizer in advance! Here’s a discount code to help you save USD8 on your purchase!

Simply use the code CHEESIE during check out.

Happy shopping away and enjoy a slice of Japan right at home!