Muddy Eye Candy…
(I had an uncontrolable urge to entitle this entry “Taegukgized” but the thought of abusing “ilization” and “ilizing” everything makes me shudder, not to mention the potential disgust of others. So i will just leave it behind.)

Honestly, I wished I hadn’t watched Taegukgi, cause I feel as if I’ve just gone thru a major mental trauma.

Tuesday afternoon, knowing that Korean flick is gonna be outta cinema soon, I bugged Mozzerelly to go watch with me before it was too late. Yeah, there will always be pirated vcds, but by no means a 29 inches box can beat a few-metres-wide screen. And you feel more comfortable to cry in the dark, by the way.

Actually I don’t have any interest whatsoever in watching a war film, so the reason I was so dying to see this movie can be entirely imputed to the two caramel+sugar+honey coated eye candies. Well one actually. Me and Mozzie were ready to contribute all our saliva to drool over Won Bin and Won Bin alone.

The fact is, we shed tears more than drooling. However, I wouldn’t say I enjoyed the two hour plus journey to the cruel war scenes. I was completely overwhelmed by what I saw on the screen. It was just too gruesome. You see blood, burned corpses, armless/headless/limbless people (or should I say bodies) everywhere. Every second there are people wounded, dying, shot dead in the chest, and whose arms are slashed off or heads are bombed off from the body… Not to mention the whopping amount of blood gushed out profusely from the limbs and maggots crawling in the wounded stomach… Apart from being disgusted by those grisly elements, we were suffering severe heartache to see our candy’s lovely face being covered by mud and dirt, (yet he is still so hunkillicious.) him and family being separated, him witnessing someone dear to him die…

So I came out from the cinema with swollen eyes. Mozzie said that if she hadn’t pull me out from the cinema I would continue sitting there and crying my heart out.

I almost swore I would never watch a war film again. In fact, I don’t even wanna remember the rest of the movie apart from few scenes where Won Bin’s clean, innocent face was shown. It was just too sad. Until this day, I’ve never been qualified to be called an anti-war supporter because I was always nonchalant about anything related to politics and wars. But now I really hope war will never happen again in this world and I will never, ever have to bear with this kind of macabre sight again.

Anyways, if u wanna emotionally torture yourself, or you’re up to being mentally traumatized, go get a Vie (cutified noun of VCD), sit back and sob.

By the way, check this cutie out…..