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Naily Princess

November 27, 2004 in Cheesellaneous 2 Cheesed

Naily Princess There’s a particular shop when you are about to step out from it you willingly let the shop owner/cashier fumble about in your wallet/purse/handbag, and let them play around with your cash/card without any loath. Know where? It’s the Nail Saloon. Everyone walks out becoming a princess. “Honey pass me the salt please […]

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Elephants and Dolphins theory

November 11, 2004 in Eccentric Cheesiesm 0 Cheesed

I just wanted to see to what extend the Raining Elephants and Dolphins theory stands. It has been raining for many days already. Miss Sky is just having her regular mood swing. Maybe suffering from PMS. When Parmie bumbled her way into the condo it was still raining like a war between cheese and jam, […]

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November 7, 2004 in Senti-Emmental 1 Person Cheesed

I dread those Big Days the most. They make me feel as if I don’t belong to this world. Big Days (BD) I mentioned refer to special days like the Halloween, and especially eves like Christmas and New Year, not to mention the big V day. And the most horrible thing is that my birthday […]

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A.L.L.’s Mind

November 6, 2004 in Cheese-offs 1 Person Cheesed

We had a crapsentation (again, which I don’t even feel like talking about) in A.L.L’s class today. She was cheesed off by most of the groups’ presentations and everybody too was cheesed off by her rude remarks and heartless comments. A.L.L. was busy trying to pick on every little thing she could about the presentations; […]

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Cheese News

November 4, 2004 in Eccentric Cheesiesm 2 Cheesed

Original: A Japanese cheese has won a rare prize in an international mountain cheese competition dominated by Swiss, Italian and French products. Mozzie’s version: A chiisu has won a rare prize in an international mountain cheese (mountain-residing cheeses) competition, ruled by Swiss, Italian and French products. (Pick up your pom-poms and cheer “Nihon! Nihon! Nihon!”) […]

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Overcheesed brains

November 4, 2004 in Cheese-offs 1 Person Cheesed

I think I am using my brain too much that it is now not functioning properly. So is Mozzie I guess. This few days I got so absorbed in doing my Spirie interactie (Spirited Away interactive cd) that I even sacrificed my blogging time. Boy was the advertising test easy, cuz Mozzie and I just […]

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