Japan visa approved. Flying in 2 days to Osaka.

Honestly, i am really quite fateless with Japan. It is like somehow God (ok i will unuse the word God here—hate to use this word, with the exception of the times i’m taking it in vain, of course) some strange forces make it so hard for me to set my foot on this bloody rising sun place just so i would give up.

Some strange forces really don’t like me in Japan. So much extra effort to put in, so much last minutes changes, so much panic, so much frustrations sometimes i actually wonder if it is actually worth it.

A 14-hour flight alone on the plane makes people really pensive. When i couldn’t sleep, i just stared outside the window and thought about everything that is happening before/below/to/around me. To be honest, London wasn’t as beautiful as i saw it the previous time. Too much construction going on, maybe in preparation for all its glory in 2012 Olympics. People weren’t as friendly as i’d like to fondly remember. Too many foreign people struggling to survive. Too dirty. Too dusty. Too…unLondon.

It used to top Tokyo and stayed  number one on my favorite cities in the world list, but now i’m not too sure really. Like somehow it has lost its mojo. I actually got bored the second day in the city. But i did really have fun with people i met up with. Thanks everyone. Especially Carolyn, call me when you come to KL! ^^

scotlandrainbow by you.

Rainbow in Scotland! How lucky!

Edinburgh was beautiful though. beautiful, but not magical. I would really like to go back to UK again. There are so many places i failed to visit this time. But there’s this thing about traveling too often, which is that you see things differently each time you float 38 thousand feet above ground. Things change too fast you wonder why you were feeling what you felt a second ago. I remember i used to want to escape from where i was so desperately i envied everyone who was staying away from home. When i met Malaysian staying abroad who said they want to go home or tourists who said they love Malaysia so much they want to stay here forever i couldn’t understand why in their sane mind they would want to do so. Malaysia was the last place i wanted to be in. For political reasons, for the climate, for everything there is to loathe about Malaysia. I would want to earn a lot of money, get my ass out of here and stay somewhere quiet and nice, preferrably a cottage with rivers around it and ponies strolling leisurely eating grass.So i had a bit of money and i started to travel excessively, in search for my perfectly quite and nice cottage with rivers around it and ponies strolling leisurely eating grass.

scotland by you.
Actually grass-eating sheep also can la.

And then, the next thing i know, i wanted to go home.

No matter how much i openly express my hatred for this country, for some really strange reason, i started to have this inexplicable protective feeling towards it. It is like having a really really badly trained dog. You hate it for a million reasons. It drives you insane all the time. You know it is impossible to re-train it given its hopeless stupidity.

But you can’t really leave it can you. It is your dog.

Maybe because i have started to grow old (like, old. Like, OLD. Oh FML). I have lost the dauntlessness in me to want to run away forever and find my cottage with rivers around it and ponies strolling leisurely eating grass. Maybe you just start to miss something when you don’t see it for a long time. Maybe, i started to see home in a different way when i’m away from it most of the time, so high 38 thousand feet above.

I stared out of the window and i smiled. There’s this warm feeling in my heart knowing that i can go home.

And the best thing? The fact that i know that i can always run away from it again whenever i want to.

For now it would be Japan. 3 weeks.