August 22, 2010 in Senti-Emmental

Today i was thinking, my life is kind of at a very pleasant balance right now. Except now that i started a new job, i wish i have more time to do something i used to take for granted but now is what seems like a luxury to me. Like spending hours reading a book at the speed of a retarded tortoise, or watch a funny drama series. Or sit down to blog properly. Like nao.

Then i started to think if there’s anything that i regret doing, or not doing in my life. And then i realized, that the best quality (if it is counted as one at all. i always feel slightly ashamed whenever i run a self-reflection upon all my recent doings. I think that i am below the average of “human niceness”. Being mean and jealous and self-centered and all. Just completely fail to qualify moral excellence.) of me is that i hardly ever look back and feel regretful of the actions i have taken or the decisions i have made. I just make them and no matter what the outcome is, good or bad, i just move on.

Oh ya i just found another (sort of) virtue within myself. I’m (sort of) protective of natural resources. I (sometimes) refuse to use plastic bags and i often recycle (my clothes) and scold people for smoking etc.

Anyway, that’s another story. Speaking of regrets, i guess the reason why i hardly have any regrets is due to the fact that i mentioned in the beginning of this post. That i find my life rather balanced right now. I won’t use the word perfect, because it is not. But yea, i can’t complain about it, but i think that there’s room for improvement.

I have made some horrible decisions in the past, but none of them contributed to the misery i’m experiencing right now, not like i have any to begin with. PMS is agony but it’s not my fault (not entirely true. It’s my womb’s fault therefore it is part of my fault, FML.). Maybe if i didn’t make those horrible decisions i won’t even be who i am right now (which i’m kinda happy with). For example, i have dated countless assholes. One cheated on me. Another one still owe me so much money my heart bleeds at the thought of it. And i suspect my passport went missing because he stole and sold it so he could get some quick money. True story.  I have given some good thoughts about public humiliation, but never mind that. I believe karma will take care of it one day. I just wait. Do i regret having ever dated them? Yes. Does having dated them make me miserable right now? No. Once awhile i think of it and i go, “bloody hell, i hope that asshole gets fat and ugly and herpes”. But it doesn’t really affect me right now. When i was 16 my first crush dumped me for the school belle, and i was  utterly crushed (is that why crush is called crush?) and i regretted not being nicer to him etc (stupid, stupid, stupid, i couldn’t be any nicer even if i tried to, really). And half a year ago i found out on Facebook that he’s married to the school belle and they have a kid now and i went FML. But when i think of it again, i was so glad that i didn’t end up marrying him because i could very well be an ugly huang lian po who doesn’t know what a blog is and is changing smelly nappy right this second. FHL and unFML.

So i think most of the regrets are temporary. They don’t affect you forever. Unless you have like, only one leg now because one day you ate some expired mentaiko that triggered an allergy on your left eye that resulted in you losing sight for 5 second driving on the road and thus got you involved in a freak accident and lost one leg.  Then yea, you may want to regret having eaten that expired mentaiko for the rest of your life. But other than that, most of the mess you make can be cleaned up. Or at least put back into place.

This year has been a horrible year i keep losing sight of what fundamentally makes me happy, because i keep losing. First i lost a relationship. Then i lost a (supposed-to-be) best friend. Then i lost a family member. And then i lost my dog (last ever time i’m explaining this to anyone. No i haven’t found Koyuki, and i won’t respond to this matter anymore. Topic closed.) How can i keep losing things like this? And they are not just… “things”, you know? Even so, these are not the things that can be regretted. You can’t regret death, for example. But you can be anal and regret every single trivial details in life. I didn’t treat the person good enough. I haven’t done my part enough. I hadn’t spent enough time for it. I messed up. Etc etc etc.

If people keep fussing about regrets in life they will be so damn busy man. Like, i really regret not being born as… someone famous. Like, Michael Jackson. Ok maybe not Michael Jackson. Bad example. Anyway, yea like, i really regret not being born as Angelababy. Or i regret not traveling to Hollywood and accidentally bumped into Hugh Jackman and live happily ever after. Stuff like that.

Some self-assessment keeps your conscience in check but it doesn’t mean i have to regret things that i have done. It’s already done. What’s the use of crying at spilled milk? (Oh i know, you can sit by and watch it and wait for it to curd into awesome stinky cheese wtf).

So yea, if you ask me, really? You don’t have any regrets at all? Like, at all?

Yes i do.

I think there are two biggest regrets in my life. First one cannot say because it involves somebody else’s secret. Second one is i regret not having studied overseas. I go all envious when people talked about their uni life abroad. I would assume it to be a life enriching experience for me. But it wasn’t like i had a choice back then ($$$$$$$$$$$) so yea.

But i’m sort of making it all up by traveling excessively right now.

Oh i just found a third regret. I regret not having traveled to Japan before i turn 20 so i could wear Furisode and celebrate my Seijinshiki ARGHHHHHHHHHH upset FML.

Anyway. Before i spill too much secrets and regret thereafter, let’s stop talking about meeeeeee.

What’s your biggest regret in life?

130 responses to “Regrets”

  1. Adeline says:

    For not studying hard enough 😥

  2. Simon Seow says:

    My biggest regrets in life is not to start blogging much earlier back in 2004. If not I might have many readers now :p

  3. jillian says:

    eh… points to Adeline above. me too !! I was about to type that until I refresh the page. lol.

  4. Lyn says:

    I have regrets too but sometimes these regrets are the ones who made me who I am today so can’t really call them the worst things in life.

    Sometimes I regret letting myself fall for someone who belittled me but looking back, he made me realize what I wanted and what I don’t want in a relationship. Also, it made me realize my self worth.

    So cheers 😉

  5. May says:

    I also regretted not studying overseas. I actually had the choice. Sigh.

  6. Icantusemyrealnamebutyougetmynameinmyemailsoyeah says:

    Being born in a kinda broken family :/ Okay not kinda broken, it’s already broken. I’m not loved by my family at all y’know. The others in the school will go like “yknow hor, my dad that day brought me to blahblahblah”, and I will just look at them enviously. I seriously want a family who takes good care of me and showers me with love. But, can’t help it. I’m already here so what I’m gonna do is to study hard for myself, not for them. And I’d wish I was born in a kinda rich family because I would go travel everywhere and not looking at your travel posts enviously ._. T___T

    And about the countless assholes, karma will bite them in their ass, really 🙂 They cheated your money, and see? Now you’re cheesie and who knows? They might be begging for money at the streets for food and stuffs because karma got em. Don’t make your heart bleed for those unworthy assholes. It’s not gonna be worth it. 🙂

    “But i’m sort of making it all up by traveling excessively right now.”
    Yeah, and making me envy :'( T_T

    • cheesie says:

      wtf longest screen name ever.

      Well, it is a nice feeling to be able to fall back to family when shit happens, but it is a greater feeling to know that you don’t have to depend on them when shit happens. Rich spoilt kid will never have this feeling. So yea. 🙂

      Yea karma is the bitch. We just wait.

  7. Michelle says:

    I regret choosing Melbourne as the place to be. Should have gone to HK instead.

    Very confusing I know.

  8. ash says:

    i regret i didn’t think through what line of study i wanted to get into. now i’m regretting not doing what i really want to with my life. 😥

  9. Coco says:

    That I am not living with my parents. They work in KL and I grew up with 2 of my aunts in Johore. Not exactly a decision I made but still.. a regret. Maybe I should have thrown a big fit over it when I was young and fought harder to be with them, I don’t know. But what’s done is done. Our relationship is okay but sometimes it feels like I am missing out on something. Like there’s just… something in between us.

  10. secretsunday says:

    My biggest regret is not eating more when I was on exchange to Nagasaki. Not because the food was yummy. I mean the food was memang yummy, but that wasn’t the reason. I think my host families were all really disappointed in me but just never showed it. I should have been more accomodating and accepted all their offers with more grace. Not just food but in terms of everything else too. I think they felt disappointed in themselves, as though their food isn’t good enough for me which is not true at all. I also regret not putting in more effort to keep in touch. It was hard moving overseas but it would have been possible if I tried really hard. Now I’m trying to search for them again, but I don’t even know if they want to still be in contact with me or not anyway.

    Lol this is like a confession box. But your blog always reminds me of my best trip overseas ever on youth exchange and how I could always have done so much more for it.

    • cheesie says:

      Actually, im quite sure that they understand, because every host family went through briefings before hosting someone, and they know what to expect. They are just being extra accommodating and care about your feelings that all. Don’t blame yourself!

      Just try sending them emails! I lost touch with my host families for awhile, but they always always reply in the end, even though it takes a long time.

      Gambatte! 🙂

      I’d love to go to Nagasaki. Never been there 🙂

  11. alina says:

    Not spending enough time with my friends.

    Now I get jealous when I see the both of them having so much common topics, while I, lingering behind them. and I don’t think they even know of my presence at all.

    It’s just a really sad feeling to be left out.

  12. ShaolinTiger says:

    I studied overseas (obviously) it’s over-rated 😀

  13. CheekyNadia says:

    ciehhhhhhhhhhh, I’m still young! no regrets yet! Life’s been PUN PUN PUN! I’m still 19 so I will go to Japan now b4 turning 20 and wear Furisode! 😆

  14. Cookie says:

    i regret relying to much on other peoples opinions in the past.
    because of such things it takes longer to understand how life really works.

    the most people love to give you advice on things (often on things they don’t really understand themselves, but think it’s cool to play wiseacre) but when it comes to help or be there for you they always find a lame alibi to excuse themselves.

  15. Katarina says:

    My biggest regret is not making a bigger effort in college in the USA. I had to drop out in my third year, and now I’m stuck living with my parents until I hear back from a school in Switzerland. (I can’t apply to another US college ever). And now, I’ve lost 3 years of my life and wasted countless amounts of my parents money, and I feel guilty every day 🙁

  16. Sharon says:

    my greatest regret is to be-friend with the person who betrayed me… (go eat shit sucker~~~)

  17. jfook says:

    My regret is not discover your blog earlier than other bloggers like KennySia! You’re way too awesome than them!

  18. Cheryl says:

    hrm… I guess in a sense, there are many things I don’t regret, even though on a certain level I do regret (wonder if that made sense), because they built me to be the person I am today.

    On of the major things that I regret is not doing nursing school earlier, simply because I feel so old now, looking at some of the “kids” I am studying with. Also because I was studying something else, I felt that I had wasted my time and $$$ altogether. Then again (this is the non-regret part), if I had, with my lack of life experience, I don’t think I would have gone through with it you know.

    the other major thing I regretted was dating some of the people that I did. Once upon a time, I had a major lack of self confidence la. I still do to some extent, but I live better with it now. so when guys asked me out, I felt so good about it you know. However, to be treated worse than a dog (cannot have friends la, having someone tried to rape me after we broke up la, yelled at for having a certain group of friends), and then almost getting the boot from university because I lent one of them my school fees thinking 8 months is a long time to repay me back the money…. yes, I really regretted dating them even though each and every one was a good learning experience that I could have done without.

  19. Wendy says:

    is that ‘best friend’ jacjac?

  20. Hanie says:

    I regret eating too much when I was in form 1. Now have to take a lot of effort to slim down…

  21. blekming says:

    I really admire how resilient and strong you are. Getting to where you are now must have been so not easy but I believe that you will gain back everything that you have lost. Hugs!

    I guess my regret is procrastinating so much in Australia to the point that I ended up back here.

  22. melody says:

    WOW!!!! u have a job naooooooooo?????????
    to me its soooooooo sadddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!
    ai yooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe

    oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i regretted not being born as a princess okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and also studying overseasssssssss!!!!!!!!
    even nao also no kaching! kaching! kaching!!!! $$$$$

  23. sim says:

    my utmost regret is…………actually i really cant think of any because i don’t want to remember the past but instead move forward…

    If die die alst must think of one, it would be regret treating my ex as in no one else in the world…

  24. SC says:

    I regret dating my ex but then again… it’s him who makes me realize that my current bf is awesome!

    I guess all regrets will be compensated some day.. or at least, motivate us to work harder and earn a better day.

  25. Faye says:

    Not going to Wang Lee Hom’s “Heroes on Earth” concert arrggghhhhhhhh! T.T

  26. Just Me says:

    I regret being in a relationship with my ex for 7 years, and being thru all kinds of 👿 👿 shit imaginable with him and nearly going crazy. BUT the shittiness I experienced with him makes me love my other half now LOADSSSSS better, which makes me also regret not meeting my other half now EARLIER.

    My other regret is taking up a regular *yawn* degree and MBA which serves no purpose now. I should have taken up a culinary arts course.

    I also regret not spending more time with my dad who has now passed away. 🙁

  27. elisa says:

    I gotta stay – not studying hard enough, aswell.
    I could have been better and now it’s finished, you can’t take it again.

  28. Vannessa says:

    Your biggest regret should be losing Koyuki, for good.

  29. Jorryn says:

    my biggest regret that is i didn’t study hard last year
    And i’m regretful that i didn’t go to tuition … 😥

  30. Ben McC says:

    Life is what you make of it and I think you are making the most out of yours. I’m not really sure I should say any of my regrets online, but since you opened up and spilled some of yours I guess I will do the same. I regret trapping myself in the place I am now. I should have known better than to go down a career path that is very local… I like international travel and thrive outside of an office. Now I’m stuck in a career where I am basically driving the same stretch of road everyday to an office… I’m working to change this, but it would have been better to be honest with myself up front. I think I got caught up in the idea that money will make me happy. Surprise… It won’t, but it sure makes things easier. 😉

    I’m sorry about Koyuki. Shit happens. Glad to see you moving on. 😈

  31. Jeff says:

    I regret I had done one very stupid thing to my loved one and almost cause a break-up.
    Luckily she is my wife now. And i always thanks GOD for giving me chance.
    I swear I will use my whole life to give my family all I can.

  32. OWT says:

    I am regret every month when I find out that my pocket money had overdraft

  33. clement says:

    I regret for what i study. don’t even know why spending so much to study but it is just a stepping stone for finding a work that u don like to do……hmmmmm~

  34. Szeyie says:

    Ahhh! I’m regretting for not studying earlier. =O Now, I’m suffering now, so I came to your blog and kind of like refresh my mind. Haha! 😉

  35. chloe says:

    i regret not dating during younger days :@

  36. Glo-w says:

    Regrets are lessons not yet learnt…
    Heard from somewhere.

    Forgive me for my ignorance but y dont you wear a furisode NOW… other then the number, you never had your turn and it’s very important for you so why not make up for it? Live in the moment <3

    That being said I do have some regrets in life and more being discovered in my reflection. but i'm working on them….ganbatte mashio!

  37. Adara says:

    Wow you have a really cool blog!! 😀 😈

  38. Hannah says:

    Those Awholes… yes regrets, they were a part of us, but good choice of just letting go and moving on.. Look at you now dear, you’re a pretty butterfly, free to explore and make the most out of life for now 🙂 Stay strong

  39. dori lukey says:

    my biggest regret is not starting a blog when blogging was not popular yet so i might become a famous blogger like u! just joking :p

    Dropped by from

  40. Porkie says:

    Told you one of my biggest regrets offline but aside from that, not studying hard enough would probably be a big one for me.

    • Porkie says:

      another biggest regret though is probably not realising someone was in front of me all this time but it’s too late now.

  41. Jay says:

    Regret not travelling more during my uni years.

    If I dont stop feeling guilty about quitting my job and go travelling now I WILL REGRET IT. But if the project im involved in now starts making millions when I leave THEN I WILL REGRET IT TOO. so what should I do? Leave or stay leave or stay. fk it im young I can make millions again.


  42. ashley says:

    i regret not keeping in touch with my eldest sibling. we don’t know much about each other anymore. i lost a place where i could share problems, get advice and seek counseling. perhaps the age gap and the distance are the factors; but still, the irony is that it is so easy to get connected these days through technology.

  43. zOee says:

    Regret for not accompanying my mom at hospital for one more night, which was her last night, around 4 years ago. Quite a pain whenever I think of it

    • Laura says:

      My deepest sympathies. I don’t mean to sound like some self righteous asshole and this probably won’t mean much coming from a complete stranger, but I’m sure your mother understands and would want you to forgive yourself. Our loved ones never really leave us.

      My biggest regret is not working harder on contemplating my future in high school. I graduated two years ago and I’m not too much closer to deciding what I want to do with my life. I feel like I’m wasting important years working at a dead end job that I hate. I also regret letting a friend I had for nine years slip away for a foolish reason…and letting myself conform into someone I wasn’t.

      • zOee says:

        Oh, don’t say that Laura! What you said meant a lot to me, you know, kind words from a concerned stranger..thanks Laura 🙂
        Keep your chin up! For your career-wise, have you tried looking for other opportunities around?

        • Laura says:

          I’m glad my words could help a bit 🙂 your story touched me. Career-wise, I’m looking into one career, a vet technician, which is like a nurse to a veterinarian. But its low salary and I dunno 😳 Should I put my heart into a career that doesn’t pay well? I’ll make a decision eventually, its just difficult right now. Thanks for caring!

  44. Cass says:

    Too many regrets here too, Cheesie. One sticks out always though is that I had the chance to speak to my grandmother one last time, but I didn’t because I was busy being an oh-my-life-sucks sorta teen. Then 5 days later, she died. 😥

  45. regretmargerat says:

    I deeply regret not buying the 4d number i saw in my dream the other night, it came out 2nd prize…LOL 😥 LOL 😥 i went crazy bcuz of it..LOL 😥 LOL 😥 ….

  46. rara says:

    same like u lor.. i regret not having studied overseas.. if only i studied hard for my SPM.. haihh

  47. pk says:

    I regretted studied at oversea. My gf dumped me because she couldn’t stand long distance relationship~~~ haih …. 😥

  48. yumiii says:

    i rarely have any regrets because I tend to psycho myself into forgetting them once I feel the slight regret about it. I’m almost like a computer, just click the delete button.

    but.. lemmi think… I guess the one regret i ever have in my life has to be that my motormouth, that wouldn’t stop gossiping and talking about other people. I tend to have this thing, that I have to voice out my opinions about them, about their flaws, mostly.

    not quite talking bad about them, but merely saying things that i think, they are doing wrong, and they should not do it again. but i guess, that somehow translates into me talking badly or ‘spreading rumours’ about them that leads to me, right now, do not have more than three REAL friends that i can talk to.

    me with almost zero friends. that should be another regret of mine, but it linked to my motormouth, so i guess it’s just one single regret i have. 😉

  49. I regretted not giving a damn when I could’ve and giving a damn when I shouldn’t have and as a result losing my 1st class honors and my shot at scholarships. I also regretted not doing more stuff when I was younger and only realizing that there are things that people are too old for.

    But you know, this is what regret is all about and ain’t all regrets about the same fundamentally? I’ve since my recent experience learn to moved on and start thinking about what I can do now instead of regretting the past.

    “I’m not psychic; I’m just damn good”

  50. Amanda says:

    hi ringo,

    this entry really brought back some memories and made me think. usually when i read your blog i just feel really really envious that you have the money and time to travel so much! (: and also wonder how you can have such flawless skin and slim figure! -.-

    wonder what job u’re working at now? hope it’s something you like! (: i graduated with an accountancy degree and am about to start on my first job next monday. i guess my biggest regret so far is that i didn’t get to study medicine, which has always been my dream since young. i didn’t get into the one and only medical school here, so my only option was overseas which was really out of the question due to $$$. sometimes, i do wonder how my life might be different now if i can spend it on a job i truly love. this has also made me determined to work hard and earn lots of $$$ so that i can provide my children with the education of their choice. and as you said, i think studying overseas really opens your eyes to the world outside.

    but, everytime i look back on my medicine entrance interviews, and think about how i could have answered the questions better, i also realise that if i had not failed to make it to medical school and ended up studying accountancy instead, i would not have met my current boyfriend in my very first tutorial class in uni.

    sometimes, life works in funny ways. (:

  51. Oli says:

    I can confirm that you scold people for smoking! (sometimes) 🙄

  52. Oli says:

    What turf Netherlands?!

  53. Pandan says:

    Can I reverse my whole life? Coz I think I wasted it too much on study… but after come out to work, life also not turn up better… fml… 😳

  54. Jeannie says:

    sohh well sometimes i regret what i’ve said. I don’t have the intention but ppl tend to misunderstood it. Or sometimes i m being too direct. I can help myself sometimes though i have tried my very best… 😥

  55. Addict says:

    Probably not going exploring my other options. Been too nice and too law-abiding >_<

  56. cc says:

    You could just kick me now. I don’t have any regrets. NOT ONE SINGLE ONE. In fact it is my life motto I have it engraved on my itouch in French because it always sounds better in French anyway. Non, Je ne regrette rien.

    Why do I not have any regrets? Because if I were to do things over and over and over and over again and if life had a press rewind, slow motion, back track button. I would do the same things, same mistakes, same retarded actions over and over and over again. The reactions would all be shitty due to my repeated mistakes and after pressing rewind and going to do it all over again I may even make an already bad situation worse multiplied by a 1000 million. So yup, I got no regrets.

  57. David says:


    We all have regrets in life. But success is often found in lessons learned from our failures and whenever we fall down in our personal life.

    If I have one regret it would be not traveling overseas when I was younger.

    However I found a wonderful women from another land. (I have told you this in the past), and we have been together for 20 wonderful years.

    You have found within you the ability to pick yourself up and start over. That is important.
    You truly are far to young to have many regrets. You have accomplished more in your life than many do try to in a life-time.

    There is still time to study overseas, a 25 year old student is very common here in the States.

    What are your wishes for the future.
    BTW, regarding Mr. Right. Somewhere there is a male waiting for you. Where he is and when you will meet this person no one can truly tell you.

    However your soulmate, may not be who you expect. Rather than fireworks when you meet, the relationship my start on a very low note and only build to a crescendo over time.

    I wish you health, happiness and a bright future!


  58. Shiko says:

    Hey! Your blog is amazing. I love it. It’s the first time for me to visit your site. It’s so perfect. I have some questions to ask you. Why did u and ur twin run away from your home and your parents? Aren’t you missing them?

    Btw, I’m a reader from Sweden. Please reply on my blog, okay?
    Have a nice day! ^^

  59. Denise says:

    Not study hard enough, didn’t treat my classmates good enough

  60. kryz says:

    Not studying hard enough in school…

  61. David says:


    With who and where is this your new job!


  62. Lenna says:

    I think in a way, I’m kind of like you. I try to think of things I regret, and then I see that in the end, those things that I sort of regret helped me become the person I am today. I regret not having a boyfriend yet even though I’m 20, but I’m also glad because that means I haven’t had to deal with asshole boyfriends or having to change who I am because of him. I regret going to the school I’m at because it’s far from home and I have to leave my widow Mommy alone, but I don’t because it’s made me less shy and I’ve met all sorts of awesome people too. I regret not being as social as I could have been when I was in high school, but looking back, high school was dumb and so were most of the people I knew in high school too and so I would have probably gotten involved in some bad stuff. I regret not being able to be at my Dad’s side when he died last October, but there is no way to change the past and no good will come from fretting over it.

    On a more recent note, I regret not getting a job this summer until a MONTH BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS. *A* Grrr oh well.

  63. tsc says:

    well, at least you tried taking up course like ADP in don’t regret too much for not studying abroad. Good luck for your new job:)

  64. LJ says:

    I regret not insisting on studying what i really want. 🙁

  65. Hayley says:

    I regret not studying or teaching English (either would have been fine) in Japan before I got married… it’s so much more difficult to uproot two people than one.

  66. Life is all about what you love to do, Never regret of what you done!

  67. lih wern says:

    Regret playing too much during PMR year. FML 🙁

  68. Aleanor says:

    My biggest regret will probably be not being equipped emotionally to deal with several setbacks in life, leaving my emotionally crippled to this date.

  69. -@LLan C- says:

    I was taught from young to always live your life with no regrets…that every steps taken in life is a lesson to make you a better person.

    Don’t look back with regrets, just look forward on how to make things better.

    I tried to share the same experience with my love ones but not everybody can accept such views. Sadly, to have your life partner betrayed your trust and walk out of the relationship – that was something bitter and hard to swallow. No regrets there, I loved her with all my heart and i will always will (in some ways). Whatever life has in store for us all, we just have to carry on living for ourself and for your family. *Another lesson learned*

  70. rachel says:

    I regret being so nice to my best friend… She betray me in the end.

  71. Macnunu says:

    I regret spending so much time regreting.
    No matter what you do, you’ll always encounter some bad egg in life, why did I spend so much of my precious life on them?

  72. choco says:

    I regret having regrets.

    No, honestly. This is probably my biggest ever (regret).

  73. jaecywong says:

    oh!! hope i’m not too late!!! my biggest regret!!!! !!! HMMM!!!! probably didn’t continue playing the piano and learn to read chinese? cos everytime i go and sing k, i know the songs, but i can’t read chinese!!! it’s damn sad!! n as for piano.. i envy how my sis and friends can play the piano so gracefully.. i love to play the piano.. but i was just so.. lazy back then . sigh.

    BUT! it’s never too late!! i shall learn the above skills before i reach 30 🙂 hehe 🙂 so sometimes although there are regrets in your life, you can turn them into experiences, and learn from them, and do it differently!! <3

  74. Jodie says:

    i dont regret anything, think positive. life’s great.

  75. Freaky WEirdo Gal says:

    Dear Cheesie,

    I am the same age as you ( 26 ) but actually look much younger in person in real life since I am naturally baby-faced( as some might call it ). But I do see it as a blessing since some ppl still thought that I am 18 years old !!! 😯
    I too have been pondering recently on all the past regrets that I have when I was much, much younger way back.
    I was a not too bad student way back as school whom have no disclipinary problems or whatsoever. Being an avid and voracious reader since very young, I excel in the English language. I was also extremely talented and good at art. Liked I say, I excel in the languages and art department. But, I was pretty much a shy, timid person way back when I was in high school, which some might have consider as a recluse. Unliked others, I was not very active in school liked the extroveted and outstanding ones ( for example being a club president or bagging a gold medal in sports, or something liked that ) I was even too lazy to go to house practise ( which I really regret now, looking back since I would not have become the short and overweight fat pig that I am today !!! ) But, although I did slim down a lot when I was 20, while doing my pre-uni studies at KTAR. Now, after graduating out from university late last year, I am on the verge of losing weight. I worked out liked there was no tomorrow at the gym, persisted my dad to buy me a threadmill, went for aerobics classes twice a week and controlled my diet and nutrition.
    But my biggest regret was not studying hard enough. After failing my A-levels in , mum had enough and shipped me off to KL to study. I am from Malacca, btw. In KL, I registered at KTAR for my pre-uni since I wanted badly to continue my studies in university eventually. While in KTAR, I did extremely well in all the languages and art department, but failed in subjects such as accounts, economics, computer studies, computer system and subjects that I have never heard before, until than.
    Luckily, the head of the faculty college gave me another year to pass through the few subjects that I have failed. With unimaginable hard work, sheer persistence, determination, some help from good friends, lots of prayer to god and untimely family support, at last I passed through all these subjects which I have failed previously. ( I have sleepless nights everyday, afraid that I will fail again ).
    As good things do come to those whom work hard enough, I eventually passed through all the previously failed subjects. Being an undergraduate in uni, was the happiest day of my life, and both of my parents too. While as an undergraduate, the battle continued. I was no longer the complacent and lazy student as I was in secondary school and in A-Levels. I gave more than my everything and was unimaginably serious in every subject that I went through during my three year journalism degree. As I have say that good things do come to those whom work their asses off, I got pretty good results in my degree subjects semester after semester.
    Now that I have fully graduated out, I think back and ponder if I have worked hard as I did during my secondary school days as I did in uni, would I achieve straight A’s and eventually earn myself a scholarship liked those star students whom I envied so deadly ? I wonder…
    I have really missed out a lot on my youth/ time / years and is now reclaiming it all back by giving more than my all in my coming journalism career/ job.

  76. Jessie says:

    I think this is a really good post. I wanted to blog about it, about I thought it was being too emotional&all. After I read yours, I felt so glad that there’s people who think like that too! 🙂 Reflect, regrets, move on! 😈 You are brave! 😀 I don’t know who is your ‘supposed best friend’, but I wish you could tell me more! Cause I have an exactly situation 1-2weeks back? Reading this post of yours = is so awesome! We are no longer that close, but I think I have done my best as a friend in that friendship.

  77. Veron Foon says:

    i regretted letting go a friend who cried together with me when i was sad, and then I chose another friend who all the time made me cry.

  78. Rey says:

    I regret not eating enough cheese, milk, and whatever calcium related food during puberty thus stuck with this height. T_T

  79. B says:

    That I didn’t study hard enough to get a scholarship of any sort, because I’ve always known that I can’t afford to study overseas. But it’s exactly what I want.

  80. slushie says:

    i regret for not appreciating my ex more.. i took him for granted and now i’m suffering from my own actions..

  81. Jannarko says:

    My biggest regret is not taking up a double degree course during my Uni time and now have to stuck with a job that I don’t really like. Working life can be miserable if we don’t have passion for it.

    I envy you that at least you can travel extensively and without any commitments. Now I know why people always said “Enjoy while you are young”. I regret that I didn’t really enjoy myself when I was younger!

    Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog. Jia you!

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