So, relationship is like this.

When you’re in it, of course then everything looks perfect in the beginning.


Then piece by piece it starts to fall apart, and you are wondering why you can’t fix it by pulling and putting it back altogether.

It is not until you step out of the picture and walk away (by away i mean farrrrrrrrrrrrr away, so far so you need a pair of binoculars wtf), turn back and with horrible clarity, behold before you the magnificent mess you have built.


(Got ghosts come out summore wtf)

When you look back, everything seems so far apart and you now know why you walked miles going nowhere in this maze of jigsaw. So many missing pieces that you know you will never find.


So many things you did that you shouldn’t have done or so many things you didn’t do but should have done. But it doesn’t matter now. You learned. And you know you made a wise choice by walking out of it (and borrowing that pair of binoculars), and wonder why you haven’t thought of doing it earlier.

Then all of a sudden you feel like you have grown 210 years older.

But you do not know if you have just pulled yourself nearer towards happiness, or you have just taken a major step back from a hopeful future.

You just keep walking.

And that, i guess, is called moving on.




PS: Pumpkin Mickey optical illusion design is a Halloween Special 2010 in Tokyo Disneyland.
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