Lotsa videos!

Not a blog post.

Since this blog post is written by Astro and Nuffnang. Sort of. Thanks guys.


This is for people who didn’t go to NAPBAS, here’s a video summary of it.


i appear at 0:27, 1:41, 1:51. If you are interested.


Football Overload on Astro Sports

Featuring Aud and me.

And this video is for those of you whose Draw Something requests i ignored. I’m sorry about it, but here’s a video of me, actually drawing (shittily), in real life, to make it up for you. That’s better than fingering an iPhone screen, y’all.

Also after watching this video, you will never want to play Draw Something with me ever again, which means i don’t have to ruthlessly reject or guiltily ignore your request. So it’s a win-win situation. Thank you Astro.


Here’s a video of the hosts testing our #Addictionship.

If we ever break up because of this, we are suing Astro.





TGC Rehearsal

Lastly, this is… not even a video. This is basically just me screaming to myself while admiring own big ass face on a big ass screen during the rehearsal night of TGC.

There was a picture of Foruchizu as well, so whoever attended the Foruchizu X NHK meet-up, you guys are practically there with me and 9986 famous japanese models and Fujii Lena and Masuwaka Tsubasa and Hasegawa Jun and KARA at Tokyo Girls Collection 2012 in Yokohama, Japan. For like one second.

You are welcome.


9 responses to “Lotsa videos!”

  1. fiionx says:

    CHI JI 😀 !

  2. KY says:

    TIL audrey is damn awesome at drawing

  3. RedButterfly says:

    Aud reminded me of Ayumi Hamasaki!! (before she mentioned Ayumi)

  4. emi says:

    aww that’s so sweet that you know eachother so well!
    and congrats to winning the award, you deserve it ^^

  5. Pamela says:

    OMGH! Cheese! i’m so Happy and Proud of you! <3! Your the best Darling! Keep going! you can do it!

  6. season says:

    You two are good at drawing! hahaha love your outfit 🙂 Stay pretty!


  7. Adeline says:

    Hey Cheesie, I know Daryl from your “Draw Something” video. He is my church friend 🙂 Really cute and funny guy! BTW, ganbatte with all that you are doing! You make us proud ^^

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