Exciting news!

After Tokyo Kawaii TV episodes, i was invited to be on Kawaii International, which is a new program that is similar to Tokyo Kawaii TV that also introduces kawaii fashion and culture from Japan, except in English this time. Which means i don’t have to painstakingly translate it.


And the best news is, you can also watch it LIVE on the internet!





LOLOL some of my friends call me Rin Rin so it looks like i’m playing a schizo guest lol.




This is RinRin!!

She is an American who is modeling for Lolita fashion brand in Japan. The moment i uploaded her picture on Instagram everyone was like i’m so jealous of you!! So that’s how famous she is. Omg why am i so lucky!!!

This Kawaii International Episode is about the success story of the two of us (foreigner) in Japan. RinRin is considered one of the most popular models in her field and she had been through a lot to have come this far, but i really don’t think i am anywhere near “successful” in Japan. It’s more like i’m insanely lucky to be given a chance one after another to come to Japan and enjoy myself. For free.. I must have saved thousands of sixteen-eared raccoons in my past life to deserve this.

RinRin’s story is very impressive and inspiring, especially for people who aspire to become a model or work in Japan as a foreigner. She has been here for two years and she speaks perfect Japanese.

Listening to other’s people stories on how they make effort and work so hard to achieve their dreams to come to Japan makes me wanna give them all my love wtf. They deserve all success and happiness and i’m so happy for them <3

I also hosted a short mini tour on the setting of the studio.

Trust the Japanese to come up with the cutest stuff in the world please. The video will be uploaded to Kawaii International’s Homepage!!!



The three hosts for Kawaii International! From left: Sekine Mari, Misha Janette and Melody Yoko. Apart from Mari san who is originally, all four of us are basically half/foreigners but can speak english AND Japanese and that feels quite weird hahaha.

With Melody Yoko and Misha.

They will be going for TouchMe event this Saturday (which i will too to cover EMODA’s fashion show) so i will be seeing them again hopefully!!

All the hosts are super nice and friendly omg *fans self* and we also added each other on Twitter now omg *starstruck*

I first saw Melody at Girls Award two weeks ago when she was modeling fo Kawi Jamele’s collection. SO PRETTY I DON’T EVEN.




On set!

So happy i got the permission to post this. OMG aren’t you guys excited to watch this online?!!!!

One last picture stolen from Melody’s twitter.

The filming was super fun! Everyone was so full of energy and professional i love the crew so much!!!

If you love Japanese Kawaii culture, don’t forget to also check out Kawaii International’s Facebook Page.

I feel so touched and happy because i felt like i sort of grew together with Kawaii.i. They first contacted me exactly a year ago, when they had like 50 fans hoping that i could help promote this new project by NHK, and they had a mere 3 month’s time to reach a total of 50,000 fans or else the project will be abolished.

At first i thought that was kinda hard and was secretly worried for them.

But look. They now have 245,900 fans from all around the world. Somehow it makes me feel so proud too!! Especially now that i get to be a small part of this project. AND I WENT ON INTERNATIONAL TV OMG. It was such an awesome experience omg i’m gonna tear now wtf.



Please watch the episode!  Maybe one day you guys will be on this show as well, because they are looking for kawaii culture lovers and fashion leaders from all around the world!!

Here’s the info:


Live streaming time (Japan):

30th June 2012

8:10, 12:10, 16:10 20:10

1st July

0:10, 4:10

Homepage: www.nhk.or.jp/kawaii-i/

Live Streaming: www.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/

You can’t download the episode so make sure you tune in on (Japanese) time!!!