1 year anniversary and… announcement!

December 24, 2013 in Senti-Emmental

The other day i was trying to think of what i did last Christmas eve (together with the danna? work? party? ), and i couldn’t seem to recall. And then i realized it was my wedding day. :X

It seemed like years ago!

Our wedding was in a small church in Nagasaki last Christmas eve.

Last year just before Christmas, we came to Hakone for prayers. It has become our yearly ritual. Like i said before, it was our power spot. We sort of got to know each other, started dating, and eventually got married, because of the wishes we made in Hakone Shrine. We don’t ever doubt how spiritually powerful this amazing shrine is.

And i also made wishes to have a happy family in the coming year. And perhaps a new family member? 😀

One year later, i have a happy announcement!

There will now be a new family member in the house ^^

We are really thankful for this new excitement in our lives. So this time we came back to Hakone Shrine to give our thanks.

There’s this near-thousand-year-old majestic tree in the shrine, and it is famous for its power of giving and protecting a new life. It is said that whoever wishes to have a baby touches this tree, and she will have one.

I came with a friend last year, she touched the tree and she just gave birth this month. I touched it too!

So we came back and gave our gratitude.

I also got an “omamori” (Japanese charm) from the shrine for protection of a safe child birth.


To a happy and exciting new year ahead, and Merry Christmas to everyone! <3

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  1. Omg!! Congratulations!!

  2. Wao!! Congratulations!!!!

  3. Congratulations!! Hope you have an adorable baby and a smooth pregnancy~!

  4. dear cheesie, last time you posted foods, I thought you were expecting and you wrote to me that not everyone is pregnant. I am really happy for you now that you’re really expecting a baby. I wish to have my first soon too (crosses fingers). heartiest congratulation to you cheesie. Happy anniversary and Happy Christmas to you and your family.. 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh Cheesie I am so so excited for you!!! As soon as I read this I had to run upstairs and wake up my fiance to tell him, because I’m always talking about you and your blog. lol ^_^

  6. Constance Ant says:

    congrats Cheesie! feeling happy and excited for you!!

  7. Omg, I’m so so so happy for you <3

  8. Congratulations cheesie!!!!

  9. omg Congrats to u lovely Cheesie!!! You deserve all the happiness ~~~ and I’m sure your baby will be a cutie heh ^^nnnhttp;//himexnoir.blogspot.com

  10. omg!! congratulation!! =D

  11. CONGRATS CHEESIE!!! I’ve been following your blog since you were 19, can’t believe you’re gonna have a baby cheesie!!

  12. congratulations 🙂

  13. Congrats Cheesie!! Happy to hear the great news!! n

  14. aww congratulations!!!!!!!

  15. Bahiyah Khalid says:

    Congratulations! My family is a fan of yours, we are all happy for you!!! =D

  16. omggggggggg congratulations cheesieeee!!!!! im so happy for you right now!!!

  17. omggggggggg congratulations cheesieeee!!!!! im so happy for you right now!!!

  18. omggggggggg congratulations cheesieeee!!!!! im so happy for you right now!!!

  19. Congrats Cheesie! OMG so happy for you ^.^ How many months already? Have a smooth delivery dear. <3

  20. omgishhhhh cheesie~ i’m so excited for you! honestly I was thinking if u were planning to have child… but of course never asked about it. Didn’t think u were since u seem to live such exciting & busy life. but now the announcement feel so shocking like waaaaa… cheesie gonna start a family now! I’m very very happy for you & i know u will be a super fashionable mom, like I want to be as well one day lol. Ok la, congrats. Merry Christmas n Happy New Year! xo

  21. Holy crap! I’m so excited for you!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  22. CONGRATULATIONS! おめでとうございます!I wish you have a smooth pregnancy ^^

  23. OMGGGG FINALLY ! Congrats to u n ur Danna <3 Can’t wait to see ur baby :* Merry Christmas!

  24. Omg congratulations cheesie!! So happy for you aww!

  25. Congratulations Cheesie! ^^ Have a smooth pregnancy! 😀 Also, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🙂

  26. Congratulations ♡♡♡! So excited! As a daily reader I wish you all the happiness of having a family. Of course Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too

  27. Congratulations Cheesie! Everyblogger i read is having babies.Do share with us your journey. Happiness shared is happiness multiplied. 😀

  28. Congrats! Hope your pregnancy treats you well! Will you be returning to Japan to give birth?

  29. omg congratulations from Portugaaal!

  30. I’m so happy for you, Cheesie! Congratulations! 😀

  31. Congratulations!

  32. Congrats Cheesie! Such a happy news

  33. Congratulations to you and your husband! As we say in China….做得好!我们就知道你能做到。

  34. OMGG This is great!! Congratulations and happy holidays! :DDD

  35. Congrats Cheesie!!

  36. christine renee says:

    Oh my God!!!! Congrats Cheesie!!! ♥♥♥♥

  37. Oh my god!!!!! Congrats Cheesie!!!! 😀 ♡♡♡ So happy for you hehe~

  38. Congratulations! No wonder you looked different lately! Merry Christmas and have an exciting 2014!

  39. Congratulations! I’m just curious, I know you are not a Christian but is your husband a Christian? I’m wondering why did you have a wedding ceremony in a church?

  40. Congratulations!!!! <3

  41. Congrats Cheesie!!!! So happy for you:)



  44. It’s great news Cheesie! Can see happiness overload in your picture with the baby picture! Can’t wait to see your cute babu!nnhttp://tenshichn.blogspot.com/2013/12/031-japan-2013-imperial-palace-zojoji.html

  45. It’s great news Cheesie! Can see happiness overload in your picture with the baby picture! Can’t wait to see your cute baby!nnhttp://tenshichn.blogspot.com/2013/12/031-japan-2013-imperial-palace-zojoji.html

  46. It’s great news Cheesie! Can see happiness overload in your picture with the baby picture! Can’t wait to see your cute baby!nnhttp://tenshichn.blogspot.com/2013/12/031-japan-2013-imperial-palace-zojoji.html

  47. so excited about your new member I forgot to wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! ^^nnhttp://tenshichn.blogspot.com/2013/12/031-japan-2013-imperial-palace-zojoji.html

  48. so excited about your new member I forgot to wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! ^^nnhttp://tenshichn.blogspot.com/2013/12/031-japan-2013-imperial-palace-zojoji.html

  49. It’s my first time commenting but I’m so happy for you Cheesie ^^ You look so pretty recently! Congratulations!!

  50. Srsly started crying while reading 🙂 All the best for your little family Cheesie!

  51. Hi cheesie, I’m your 17yo reader. Ytd I managed to type a few words of omg congrats due to the over happiness for u! Time flies. Since I start secon. sch I followed ur blog. I read how you date, get marry n now being pregnant.. Gosh. Wish your life is blessed with all the goods. Seriously so happy for u!!!

  52. Gypsy On The Move says:

    Congratulations Cheesie! How time flies! It feels like as if it’s just yesterday I read about your wedding.

  53. I’m so happy for you! Congrats ^_^ nnhttp://skinnyminisakurina.blogspot.nl

  54. Omggg i literally screamed when i saw your pic on fb!! Congratz Cheesie! May your life be more fabulous and happy! (‘ v ‘ )

  55. Congrats cheesie! Hope your baby will be healthy and looks pretty like you/handsome like your danna~~haha 😉

  56. Congratulations Cheesie!nnI’ve read your blog for more than a year but this is my first time to have left comments on your blog.nI’m Japanese and I always feel so happy to see how much you like my country.nnCongratulations again and hope you’ll have a safe childbirth!!!

  57. Hi Cheese,nnI’ve been reading your blog for years now. Even though I never met you, I felt sad when you went through hardships, I was happy when you met the right guy, and again I am so happy to see that you are doing so well in creating the life for yourself that you always wanted. I wish you the best with your little family – Happy Christmas and Omedetou!

  58. AHHH That is amazing news!! I wish you so much happiness, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Best of luck to the both of you… er, three of you! 🙂

  59. Oh myyyy ~~~ I feel like tearing, so touching ! CONGRATSSSSSSS ! like seeing my own daughter got pregnant. hahahaha. congrats once again & Merry christmas !!!

  60. チージーちゃん、おめでとうございます!♡

  61. congratulations! =^.^=

  62. Hi Cheesie. It was indeed a very happy and pleasant news. Feel so happy for you n your danna. Congratulations and welcome to motherhood!

  63. Congratulations 🙂 May health and joy be with you and your family

  64. A Walk With Aud says:

    チージー、おめでとうございます!!!!!! \(^_^)/

  65. おめでとう~~~~~~

  66. congratulations!!! 😀 merry christmas, happy boxing day <3

  67. congrats!

  68. Congrats

  69. Congrats Cheesie! I wish you to have an easy pregnancy and give birth to a beautiful healthy baby =)

  70. Congratulations Cheesie!! 😀

  71. oh my gosh!!!! such great news!! :’) so so happy for u Cheesie!! congratulations to the both of u!

  72. Omg cheesie i’m so happy for you! Congratulations

  73. Congrats Cheesie! Please take good care of yourself and have the cutest baby!

  74. Such a great news!! Great anniversary news!! Happy for u!!! 🙂

  75. Congratsulations!! That’s wonderful!! Merry Christmas from Greece!!!

  76. Lovely post!! merry xmas , you are prettynnhttp://www.facebook.com/AmandaChicFashionRoomLounge?ref=hlntwitter & instagram : @fashionrloungenFashion room loungennA chic kiss 😉

  77. Congratulations to Cheesie and Danna for the new family member!nnTake care!

  78. congratulations !!! ^_^

  79. Congratulations Ringo 🙂 Hope that the birth goes smoothly and safely and your baby brings you much joy and happiness <3

  80. Kampungboycitygal says:

    Omg I’m so happy for you and your danna! And I need to get to the tree and shrine asap!

  81. Yayyyyy! Congratulations to you and your danna! I’m so happy for you both 😀 I totally teared up when I saw your Instagram announcement. Best wishes for an easy pregnancy <3

  82. oh wow! 🙂 so happy to read this post. 🙂 what a wonderful Christmas present for you and your danna. Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary! 🙂 haha, now I want to go badly to Hakone shrine!

  83. omg!! Congratulations Cheesie!!

  84. BiiBiiBeauty says:

    I am so happy and excited for this!!!! Congrats to you and the danna!

  85. Congrats!!! What wonderful news 🙂 All the best to you and your growing family <3

  86. Congrats Cheesie! Such a beautiful Christmas gift for you and your danna this year! Wish you safe pregnancy! 😀

  87. congrats cheesie! :))

  88. Congrats Cheesie..so we share the same year for our child..hopefully yours is as healthy as mine….and take care of yourself..yeyy for you ….. now ….. when he/she grows up you, wendy and auds will be playmates and bff like their mums …yey

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  92. You also ganbatte!!!! Your turn soon!!!

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  99. Got so long or not!!!!!! Lol

  100. Thank you :))

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  102. Thank you!

  103. Thank you so much and all the best to your family too!!!!! Send my love!!!

  104. Lol so excited until post 3 times hor

  105. Thanks a lot 🙂 I’m in my second trimester now 🙂

  106. Haha it’s quite surprising for me too even if it is planned. It’s really gonna change one’ life forever!!!

  107. Thank you!!

  108. Thank you natsumi 🙂

  109. Thank you Janice!

  110. Thanks Jillian 🙂

  111. Thanks and same to you!

  112. Thanks and thank you for your support always!!

  113. Haha yea happens a lot this year!! Thanks and same to you!

  114. Thank you! No I will stay in Malaysia 🙂

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  119. You no in china liao. Speak English pls lol

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  132. Thanks so much!! Ya lo hor, it’s been so long yet so short! I know what you mean!

  133. Yea me too!!!! Such a strange feeling huh!

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  135. Haha thank you!!

  136. That sounds good 😀 thank you!

  137. Really? Then it makes me really happy too! Wish you all the best as well :)))

  138. Hi Ann, I know right, it feels so surreal! Thank you for your support , and wish you the best too <3

  139. Haha yes yes!! Thank you!

  140. Wa make yourself sound so old meh

  141. Arigatooooooo

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  156. We miss Greece!!!

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  160. I think it’s sort of like a worldwide norm to announce only when you are into your second trimester cuz the miscarriage rate is much lower. Of course it is up to the individual!

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  162. Come come come!!!! Really come true every time!!!

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  169. Oh you are delivering next year too?

  170. Congratulations – news of pregnancy and babies are always good news! Unless it’s not, in which case it isn’t. But yours is, so congratulations!nnOut of curiosity, how are you Christian and pagan/Buddhist at the same time? Cause like you wed in a church so you’re Christian right? But then you visit a shrine and pray/give thanks so you’re Buddhist or is it pagan-ism? Or are you like mix? Is it okay to be mix religions? Not sure if anyone’s asked you this already in the comments cause you have so many well wishes, but do enlighten me if you can, I’m always interested in people’s religions!

  171. Congratulations Cheesie! Warmest wishes and love from Canada.

  172. Omg your preggo! Congrats! can’t wait to see!

  173. cheesie!!! im so so happy for you. please take extra care okie… your recent hospitalized scared me a bit.nby the way, are you going to give birth in malaysia or japan??

  174. Hello Jane, interesting question! I will answer you based on what I know 🙂 The danna is Catholic. But in Japan the main spirituality is Shinto, which is dedicated to natural spirits (water, woods, etc). Which explains why Japanese people really value their natural resources. A Jinja is a Shinto shrine. Japanese go to Jinja mainly to pray and express their gratitude for safety, prosperity and health, (which was a tradition for farmers etc since ancient time). Thus strictly speaking a Jinja is not religious since Shinto is not a religion, so there isn’t a conflict of religion in question. I hope that answers you!

  175. Thanks so much!!

  176. In msia!! Thanks so much for caring 🙂

  177. OMG whaaat?! Cheesie can I say how HAPPY i am for you? omg i have always been a fan of your blog but i never really wrote a comment, more of a silent reader really, so I haven’t seen your blog for like a year now because i started medical school (been a fan all tru collage, high school and partly middle school) I finally made time to check your blog and i find out your married and having a baby soon?! TT-TT I need to catch up on all the blogging you did last year lol. Congratulation Cheesie on your new family, life and happiness and thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

  178. hi cheesie! i dont usually comment but im really happy for you! 🙂 i wish the baby and yourself good health and i hope you will have a wonderful pregnancy journey! love from singapore 🙂

  179. Amy WenWay says:

    I’m so happy for you, Cheesie 😉

  180. Hi Cheesie! Congratulations.. so happy for you.. wishing good health for you and baby and a smooth pregnancy.. waah.. can’t help but tear up upon reading your post

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