The other day i was trying to think of what i did last Christmas eve (together with the danna? work? party? ), and i couldn’t seem to recall. And then i realized it was my wedding day. :X

It seemed like years ago!

Our wedding was in a small church in Nagasaki last Christmas eve.

Last year just before Christmas, we came to Hakone for prayers. It has become our yearly ritual. Like i said before, it was our power spot. We sort of got to know each other, started dating, and eventually got married, because of the wishes we made in Hakone Shrine. We don’t ever doubt how spiritually powerful this amazing shrine is.

And i also made wishes to have a happy family in the coming year. And perhaps a new family member? πŸ˜€

One year later, i have a happy announcement!

There will now be a new family member in the house ^^

We are really thankful for this new excitement in our lives.Β So this time we came back to Hakone Shrine to give our thanks.

There’s this near-thousand-year-old majestic tree in the shrine, and it is famous for its power of giving and protecting a new life. It is said that whoever wishes to have a baby touches this tree, and she will have one.

I came with a friend last year, she touched the tree and she just gave birth this month. I touched it too!

So we came back and gave our gratitude.

I also got an “omamori” (Japanese charm) from the shrine for protection of a safe child birth.


To a happy and exciting new year ahead, and Merry Christmas to everyone! <3