fairy nice……

Actually I wanted to see her earlier but things just kept screwing up out date, until wed afternoon when she finally managed to get out from her house.

She drove her male version of Parmie here. Also 2-year-old, black color. What a coincidence! Well, a fated marriage, muahahahha…… Nevertheless, Parmie looks so much more jovial than her male counterpart despite being few months older.

Our original plan was going to 1U, catch a cheesy flick, have a cheesy meal, and then walk around cheesifiedly. But the movie we wanted to watch was only available in MV. So there we went.

We s smuggled in our McDs to the cinema and almost finished them before the movie even started.

I must say is, erm nice. (Well, too many people have been complaining my vague and abused usage of the adjective “cheesy”. Now I really have to be careful with it you see.) I like the way they borrow the classic scene from a fairy tale to make a twist in the story. Hero kneels down, helps girl wear the red sole black high-heel on her feet ala Prince Chariming’s follower and Are-You-Cinderella. And shoe is too big. Ooooops……

Brilliant idea. Hmmm. Fairy nice.

And the moral of the story is, bring along ur mobile phone,wherever you go. You never know when it comes in handy.

Later in the evening, I followed Annie back to Rawang and planned to sleep overnight. Cheeses, I couldn’t even recall when was the last time I put a girly night up at my buddy’s place. I’d been so aloof for soooo long.

The interesting part is, her house is in a very far inside in a fish farm. We had to travel pass a super duper bumpy rocky path in pitch dark. Now I know why her “male Parmie” looks so jaded. It felt kinda like an adventure into a ghastly village where “those we don’t speak of” exist.

But it is a nice place though. Brought me some peace in my inner self, after so many days of mental dysfunction.

That night, we did nothing much but talk and talk and talk. Oh, and of course , eat.
She sent me back Thur evening. Well it was supposed to be her turn being a guest in my place this time, but her mom was nagging and nagging and nagging when we’re bout to go out, and so she had to go back her rented house in KL to sleep instead.

Well, I’m 20 this year. And it was the first time ever in my lifetime to witness such an unusual nagging from a mom. The choice of word she used was kinda, well vulgar. Not that I haven’t heard a mom swear before, but she was saying things like “X(insert whatever considered vulgar here) your mother, how many times do I have tell you….” and “I don’t care what your mother X(obscenities again)……” to her own daughter!

Erm… get what I mean?